Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Black Sabbath - War Pigs (Violet Orlandi cover)

Black Sabbath - War Pigs (Violet Orlandi cover)

I'm on Spotify! --
Harvey e thurman. So
OMG I LOVE how you take all of these old songs and make them your own! My new favorite YouTuber!
You've got to do Planet Caravan
I've listened this at least five hundread times and still not sick of it
I’ve not heard this song in a while 😁
Distortion: 0%, Vocals: No twang or growl.
Doesn't sound remotely like the original.
Just waiting for a blockbuster to use this in a trailer.
Another great jam that no female has the business of fucking ruining. GTFO
Please don't spoil such a beautiful song
Holy SHIT!!! Its so good. Without no doubt the best damn covers ive heard on youtube - PERIOD! Not only this covers. ALL of your songs. My hairs on my arm standing tall while i typing this! Im lost of words..
Não achei que War Pigs acustico ficaria tão bom, parabéns!!!!! MUITO BOM!!!!!
I'm late to the party. Gonna take some time to watch all these amazing videos.
Crazy good
Wow 🖤
I think I'm in love...
Dream On by Aerosmith? Please
Jesus Christ
Nice work butchering a great song
--Horrible, annoying voice
--poor guitar playing
--terrible singing
---Did I mention the hideous vocals???
Not to be mean, but I just wish people like this would leave the great work to the professional that created it.
Ummm, there's a reason he is who he is and you are......I'll be nice----- a nobody....
Or at least certainly don't try and upload it....but
Fuck it, I just can't .. gotta leave this channel

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