Black Sabbath - War Pigs/Luke's Wall

Black Sabbath - War Pigs/Luke's Wall

Timeless song speaks volumes of the times in 1970 and such
recorded too low, for a Sabbath song...
The Butcher brought me here
i will build a great wall
I brought me here.
I can only think about Arctic Monkeys' Arabella when I hear 0:51 onward
Dude, Bill Ward was the drummer and Geezer Butler was on bass.
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!
Hector brought me here
Was playing some Sabbath in front of my son. Hopeful that it would ignite a spark of interest. My children have been exposed to a lot of Yes & Genesis which they are not particularly fond of. I've tried to put some Joni on their menu but they clown her and laugh. They don't like the Beatles but at least they recognize them. I guess they're stuck in the Hip-hop world.
6:34 curred my cancer
My indescribable love to black sabbath brought me here
There is no song called "Luke's Wall". Nor is there a song on this record called "Jack the Stripper". On the first Sabbath record, there are no songs called "Wasp" or "A Bit of Finger". On Vol. 4, there is no song called "The Straightener". The American music publishers deliberately added these "titles" to make it look like people were getting more songs on the records than what they were getting.
The music brought me here
(War Pigs/Lukes Wall)

Generals Gathered In Their Masses
Just Like Witches At Black Masses
Evil Minds That Plot Destruction
Sorcerers Of Death's Contruction

In The Fields, The Bodies Burning
As The War Machine Keeps Turning
Death And Hatred To Mankind
Poisoning Their Brainwashed Minds

Oh, Lord, Yeah!

Politicians Hide Themselves Away
They Only Started The War
Why Should They Go Out To Fight?
They Leave That Role To The Poor

Time Will Tell On Their Power Minds
Making War Just For Fun
Treating People Just Like Pawns In Chess
Wait 'Til Their Judgement Day Comes


Now In Darkness World Stops Turning
Ashes Where The Bodies Burning
No More War Pigs Have The Power
Hand of God Has Struck The Hour

Day Of Judgement, God Is Calling
On Their Knees The War Pig's Crawling
Begging Mercy For Their Sins
Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings

Oh, Lord, Yeah!

Album: Paranoid, Greatest Hits
Mike Milligan brought me here :)
Fargo brought me here
This has my favorite drumming of all rock! It holds it's own with an awesome guitar sound.
fabulous great sound ! thnXs

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