Black Sabbath: War Pigs/Luke's Wall (Highly Enhanced Audio)

Black Sabbath: War Pigs/Luke's Wall (Highly Enhanced Audio)

Ohhh lawnchair
Great work and who cares about malcontents.
You nailed it!
grew up on this black Sabbath 1979, flushing ,New York. peace
You are just Mine...or a public piece of chewed meat. But IN you'll listen Me.
Fading the song inlike that takes away from the dynamic, heavy crush of the first chord. Not a smart choice from my perspective...
Listened all the way through beginning to end.. Heard significant crackling at the 0:35- 0:45 mark during the sirens..  

Those are the only misses I picked up on,  You did a very respectable  job KirkCliff2.. Thank you..
So far so good. Sounds clean... but I haven't yet played this on my best system. Sharing with friends.

34004 | 285 | 7m 55s

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