Black Sabbath "War Pigs" Guitar Lesson Part 1 (Intro, Verse, Chorus)

Black Sabbath "War Pigs" Guitar Lesson Part 1 (Intro, Verse, Chorus)

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Good job... !
Excuse me, but is it necessary to make the power chords on E12A14/E10A12 since you are already playing on A7D9/A5D7 that are the same notes? you can also make the B8 vibrato with the middle finger while in the power chord and G7G9 trill, that come more handy... Excelent channel. Enjoy so much!
Marty thanks brother, your a good man..
This is one of my favorite songs!!! Thank you!!
da boo ba boo kaka... LMFAO...
So much fun on 11 letting that tube amp start to squeal before hitting the next power chord :)
Nice one Marty, I’m gonna get me an electric guitar!
nice tone
Great lesson Marty! keep it up! What settings are you running on the amp and any pedals? Thanks
Thanks, Marty for everything and for the way of teaching you use, back and forth and clarifying every note and timing until we get it, thanks again love from Greece.
Hey marty can you do NIB zakk wylde style guitar lesson...
You are THE go- to guitar teacher, Your simply the best in the business Marty. You play and teach Extremely well. Your Patience is Amazing Too. Thank You!
That moment when you search how to play on guitar on YouTube and you see Marty… And you know you’re going to learn the right way! Great job as usual
Holy shit, is black Sabbath making me a better guitarist?
i saw black sabbath live and this was the best one they played
Please give the lession of nib solo also.
Good my plastic finger tips
non è propriamente così però eh
Great lesson,Thank you! That tone from that Blackstar and SG!! Wow!!

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