Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Bitcoin-Global Crypto Tax? Medici Ventures Invests In Agriculture Blockchain (ARCANE BEAR)

Bitcoin-Global Crypto Tax? Medici Ventures Invests In Agriculture Blockchain (ARCANE BEAR)

Be aware brother , anything coming from a family like the Medici is 75% no good . They are a OLD world control family BANKSTERS !
They can only tax what they OWN land, fiat, maybe you but then you own not your self.
Hey, I like all of your videos about Raven and now good to see you talking about Medici. Have you looked into Flo Blockchain (formerly Florincoin) at all? Medici runs their Blockchain on Flo as well. TZero is using Flo. All for DLR. Here is some good info about all of it. Best wishes.
Of course all crypto transactions will be taxed. It will eliminate any cash transactions not known by the system... yes, even garage sales, tips, etc... Everything will be put on the blockchain. Everything. You will be put on the blockchain, your health records, your assets, everything ... even your pets. A global rating system will be implemented which is already in use in China. Too many negative ratings and you will be punished... similar to a credit score. Punished with fines or refused access to transportation. Welcome to 1984 orwellian state. I'm not posting this in agreeance to the system... just opening the eyes of the sleeping sheep.
I told you! Check the News. R3 and XRP partnered up in an amazing global cryptocurrency payments platform. You wouldn't listen.
Brother love your spirit☝️✨
Did I miss something? I thought that the whole reason for owning Bitcoin and crypto was to take the power from the Governments from around the World and give it back to the people. Has this just become a pipe dream ? If we are taxed on our crypto it will be 1984 squared at which point I would strongly consider suicide. I did not come all this way to have my life's work stolen by the looters, I would rather die than feed the Beast.
Sounds very interesting! Saving costs by sharing mothballed and latent assets in situ in a way that rewards us through supply/demand without a forced compulsion or unnecessary strictures is a great idea!
Much love AB. As usual. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you all for joining us for another live premeir of the first episode of Tijo Rants~

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