Binaural Haircut Roleplay ASMR (cut,wash,massage etc) Stereo

Binaural Haircut Roleplay ASMR (cut,wash,massage etc) Stereo

Love your lips omg. Are u single?
i like you
I love your videos so relaxing your voice is so soothing you put me at ease and relax me thank you for your wonderful videos I love your scalp massages I love how you say comb than brush :)
When she says comb, but pulls out a brush. Still great though.
Let's make some practice play a Mage 101 rm private now
Hi..hello honeypie
damn girl you got a sweet voice but it sounds like you're scrubbing a sofa cushion with a hard bristle brush and then you move down to the carpet. you should check out some other stuff going on you start to use your voice instead of whispering that's your best quality and you're talking out of the top of your throat
Figuratively (DUH!)
There are just too many good things about this video! I can feel the warmth of sun pouring in and smell the clean indoor air, and her hair and lip balm she wears. The over all experience is just beautiful! (though I wouldn't mind some water spray sounds^^)
샴푸비디오좀 제발 또 만들어주세요 흑흑 제발
헤어살롱 롤플레이 또 만들어주세여 ㅜㅜ
no water spray sounds?:c 
What is your mic ? ( microphone )
wow I love your accent... both in Korean and English <3 
Wow what a beautiful and great-sounding video!
이동영상 짱좋아하는데 한국어였으면 더좋았겠지만.. 그래도좋아요♥♥♥
BrainGasm :)
Dat accent <3

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