Binarual ASMR show and tell: make-up (part 1)

Binarual ASMR show and tell: make-up (part 1)

Girl! You look good no matter what. I know this is an old video but just watched it for the first time. You're probably done with college and back home by now.
Come back where are u
We still need the other parts 😀
I love her so much ❤❤❤but i wish she wouldnt be so tired in most of her videos,😣 she almost seems more alive in her korean videos.. maybe its the language. I know shes in college and works hard to juggle things too so i am not hating what so ever, i just almost feel bad like shes super exhausted! Her under eyes do bug me though lol 😉😋 like get some rest girlll
Omg there was an asmr ad before this 👏🏻
I had my volume way up expecting to hear asmr but the ad came first and blasted my headphones omg.
Follicle....cuticle is for nails.
Best lip smacking sounds in the business!
They're not hairdressers if they can only work with white people hair
Love this ! Anyone knows if she came to do the part 2 she mentioned ? Would be So interested in that but can't find it...
This is by far my fav makeup video of all time!
I love that you're not wearing makeup but you have two makeup bags n you're showing us your makeup?? Haha kinda ironic :P but yu can rock it nakedfacedd so its all g (;
Thank God for make-up, I guess. She looks like a zombie in the beginning of this video. Literally. Like an *extra in the cast of The Walking Dead show. Rough.
You're beautiful :)
I can never watch a whole video, I just fall asleep at 5mins of it :p
듣다가 잠들뻔 했어요!
정말 마음이 차분해지네요 불면증도 사라졌답니다.
언제나 고마워요!!
I listen to this while playing battlefield 4 , very relaxing , soo amaze , so wow , kek.
You have a really nice lip shape
why don't you try putting on your make up as you're whispering?
Your skin is amazing. In fact, your whole face is beautiful. I will never understand why someone as beautiful as you feels they need to put on makeup. That's like taking crayons to the Mona Lisa.

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