Big pig blown up with tannerite

Big pig blown up with tannerite

"Category: Comedy"
Bye bye piggy!
They need to do this to Commie Trump !! 😂😂😂
"Makin' Bacon."

~the Engineer, TF2.
Wee wee wee indeed...
Instant bacon
What part that flew up was the pig
Holy shit
he clearly likes it!
Possibly the greatest video on YouTube.
Knitting class
Sorry I thought this was a knitting.
God I love these more please
When liberals fly
O fuk, they blew up laci green.
Angry birds in real life!
Man I love America
Now thats how you blow up some hogs
that wave impact...
I have to think about when I was said "yeah, as pigs start flying" the last time... "can I borrow your car?" "Yeah, sure - as soon as pigs start flying". Alright, buddy...

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