Big money in worm waste

Big money in worm waste

Do you also ship outside your country? I from India..
شغلانه حلوه .
Lutherangrants com just sent me $30,000 from their grant schemes .I am so glad i met them.
I bought one
It comes in a plastic bag , killing all the microbes in the dirt . Not a very good product .
Storing in a non breathable plastic bag. Bad bad news
The only worm poop i use.
I am based out of India. Starting up a farm and doing some research on how to use cow dung efficiently. Saw your video. Is there a way I can get in touch with you for further discussion? My whatsapp number is 0091 8130520663
I like the last sentence 'everything is run too good'
Now, worms r I'll treated. So sad.
I've used compost, and still use it for tea sometimes, I've used fertilizers, I've used rock minerals and still do; but the Crazy thing is I started my own worm bin just a few months ago, and Nothing seems to work quite like the worm castings. And, the cool thing is, you can't over due it with worm castings lol you can add as much as you want!
organic in plastic
I live in newfoundland Canada and I just bought 2 bags of the same made here. cool. they cost me 20 buks a bag though. this is not cheap shit.
You can hate all you like but this is so much better than chemical fertilizers! Go ahead and make you're own if you can. That's great but don't ever knock someone for buying a natural product that works for them. You weren't perfect the first time you grew a plant. Have some patience.
Research, this company is dubious.
Awesome I love what you're doing you are a legend I love you and your workers I love you.
applying vermicast to my fruit trees gave sweeter taste
o god so many
not real worm casting...get from local...this kind of so call worm casting aren't real and definitely not are lucky if you get 5 %
Where can we buy your product here in BC, Canada? Very informative. Thank you

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