Best Wind Turbine CRASH/FAIL Compilation HD 2016

Best Wind Turbine CRASH/FAIL Compilation HD 2016

The power of wind my friends. THE POWER OF WIND, COMPILES YOU !!!!
tornado forces wind turbine to produce 1.86 gigawatts of electricity in 30 seconds.
6:32 Naw, we can save it!
Yeah you get outta here I want My traditional stone windmills back

At least they don’t a’splode
Obviously, from all the black smoke, and fire, something - besides the fiberglass housing, is burning like crazy. There must be a large cache of oil in these things. WHY? And, why no fire suppression system. These things are supposed to be THE answer to environmentally-generated "clean" energy generators. All that smoke, and collapsing towers, in addition to the debris field, "helps" the environment HOW exactly? They look, to me, to be a good concept that was rushed into production and use before being "thought out"
Looks like a lot of oil inside this one
Watch bird die instead of help
3:44 this sounds so strange
2:53 eeeh... I had too much to drink...
where was that first one at?
2:30 poor bird
What happened at 3:21?
Theyre creepy af!
2:40 That alone can make me never support Wind Turbines. =|
number 3 looks more like a tornado, than as a windmill crash!
Whats the carbon footprint of a windmill...

....When it’s on fire?
Check out the pollution these things make when they explode.
Wind, wave, waterfall turbines = free energy from the elements yet we pay through the nose for it.
2:30 Bird: OOF
I've never seen a wind turbine get tore up by a tornado

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