Best Wind Turbine CRASH/FAIL Compilation HD 2016

Best Wind Turbine CRASH/FAIL Compilation HD 2016

I like watching the big fidget spinner fall over.
Wind turbines kill bald eagles. Bald eagles are a symbol of U.S.A. The left loves wind turbines. So sad.
What is the typical lifespan of a wind turbine? Can a wind turbine produce enough energy to produce another wind turbine before it dies? Energy to mine for ore, refine metal and other raw materials into end products, transport these from Grease to a wind farm in the u.s., build the damm thing at the wind farm site?
Can we get a rip for the bird T^T
Why is this a thing does this yt realize that wind turbines produce a lot of electricity to all the homes in the United States
Wind turbines make more greenhouse gas than they save.
"Best" crashes until your near one XD
These turbines are actually filled with ball bearings in areas of the blades. So when the turbine explodes, hundreds of baseball sized pieces of steel rain from the sky and will leave craters in the ground like a meteor.
”Eco Friendly”
clean renewable energy my A** what a joke
I hate turbines, so this pleases me.
i wish all of them would come down soon..
2:27 it's ok bird.. ur probably in heaven now
If a technology does not have a 0% failure rate (like the fossil fuel industry does?), it shouldn't be adopted.
Me at 2:40 am
I love windmills
2:40 why we’re you looking at the bird you should’ve helped it dumb people
Omg that bird!!!! 😭

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