Best Th10 Farming Base With Replays | Never Lose Dark Elixir | Clash of Clans

Best Th10 Farming Base With Replays | Never Lose Dark Elixir | Clash of Clans

Stupid attack ever
th 12 failed on this base in the war it is very nice base
How can I copy this base from u ?
This is a nice base when I turn the inferno to single target
bro lagu apa yang yukad the file
bro lagu apa yang yukad the file
I think this base may be good but for present update wall wrecker and it valkary are gone wreck everything but nice base bro I appreciate
This base only seems to be anti-air
Learn how to do it once, systematically. The amount of error in this video.
Want to Collab
Guys this base works Fabulously good. U should try it!!! Thankyou so much S.V.M...
Bhai is base ka photo dal shakte ho kya??
it is hard to make this base
I’ve been able to get dark elixir from bases like this before, but it’s really hard... I use a queen walk, giant wizard army to funnel, and some valks to clear the center... only works on bases like this one when you get a flawless attack though... great Dark elixir farm base
What's your player tag. I just copy it from there. By the way really nice base. I usually dont like much base which says anti loon or anything but this base is really good. Never tested it but its hard for me to loot d.e from it. I am a pro attacker and i can tell you that this base is hard to crack. Really nice work.
This base is good for protecting dark elexir but not gold and normal elexir
Music ?
i lose d e
Nice base

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