Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The Success Story of papaya Farming

The Success Story of papaya Farming

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Contact number of farmer
Papaya plants
Kon see verity ki seed hhh... Plzz btaye
Organic natural product low investment high crop call me yaminikousalya 8179484666
Very good cultivation I have some pappaya plants .many of them turned to be male with only male flowers. What to do. Can you suggest
Red laedy
How far each papaya plant should be away?
जब बोल नही सकता है तो कम से कम म्यूजिक तो अच्छा डाला करो वीडियो देखने का मन नही करता ऐसे घटिया म्यूजिक से। .super
I want these papaya plants ipls give your contact details
Remove this noisy background music
Sabar, maaf ampun ya 😄
Waisting of water...... Use drip irrigation
ما شا اللہ
best papaya , i will do also
Very bad editing video ....
U sold only the dead seed its prove that u cheat to buyers
Ishka seed kidhar se mile lega
Had to turn the sound off because of the awful background music 🙈

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