The Success Story of papaya Farming

The Success Story of papaya Farming

You are a very good man
Good agricultural
looks like very hard work and afford a lot of manpower. Good to see you are succesfull
This video is bad sound
Farmers ka contact no milsakta ?
Am interested to invest in the papaya forming anyone can help
So nice
Please send me some seeds from the babaya. address: ezzedine Ahmed regional hospital of gafsa 2100 tunisia
इसकी दुरी कितनी होनी चाहिए
ये खेती मुजे करनी है ये रोपा कह मिलेगा तैयार किया गया माल कह बेचने जाने है ये सभी जानकारी देना 7600163095
Bhai apda pind kehra hai
Hello sir, my name is Sami, I want papaya please give me your number or address please
I want to buy that papaya. who sells not. Contact email I am in need of this breed
kis mahine me iski kheti hoti hai
sir ji mera aam ka per hai lakin har Sal may aam may kira hota hai Iska ilaj kaya hai kripaya hamko batai
There should be bedding where the seedlings are mounted so as to prevent from soaking from rainwater. In the presented video it would result to root-rotting as we can see the physical appearance of the papaya is very poor and the fruiting also does.

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