Best Electric Free, Frost Proof, Automatic Animal Waterer

Best Electric Free, Frost Proof, Automatic Animal Waterer

'healthy' water is not fluoridated, which is what this looks like... too bad... Thank you for the real work-view of what it really takes....complete with the helluva pipeline from the house... ttyl
Great video, thanks for posting! I think you sold me on the Bar Bar A. Appreciate the update too, but how about another - it's -40 in Bemidji right now (0600h on 1/30/19), does it still perform?
Need some tracks on your loader lol
U have more GD fuking money than brain
Did you put a valve off your main water line where it connects to waterer hose? I’m installing one of these right now. I have a 1” blue line looks similar to yours.
Wow the wife jumping down in that hole was dangerous as shit, what if it had of caved in.
Wonder if a ditch witch would be wise?
Good video but the supply list writing in blue is extremely hard to read. Could you change it to white or put it in a text box. You could also add a text box that says that a supply list is in the description. Just some thoughts. Thanks for the video.
how is it electricity free if you hooked it to the house water source, which has a monthly bill I'd assume? Just curious. Hows it holding up?
Expense of this is prohibitive in my nation around 9k so your nation must be cheap to live in for you to do this for horses?
We disagree, You can direction drill in a Richie too, and either of these can be trenched in also to save that cost. The problem with Richie is simple they cost monthly to operate monthly all winter, the heaters fail after 4-5 years and need replacement, there occasionally develops slime mold in the yellow interior of the tanks since seldom cleanable and the install of pvc through a poured concrete pad is no easy install either unless you just drop a Richie onto the dirt and let it sink into the mud.

Also the drain hole is now in place for over two years on our farm, cattle and horse on it and no issues, I will be this spring replacing our farms last Richies, I will pull it out of service, lose the $30/month winter electric bill on it which in Minnesota is about $180 yr expense per Richie and save with second one of these none electric, fresh water BAR BAR A's. To date I have on two different farms installed 4 of these in Minnesota saving the cost of 1500watt heat bills (180$ each yr) and failed heater elements since 2012.
Damn...that's pricey.
Is it easy to teach the horses how to use the watering system? Vinny
What about the valve freezing....has there been any issues with that?
Does the animal realize that there is water there. Or do you have to sort of train them?
how's it holding up for you..
money, money, money...
Interesting technology. I never though of using tires. I've used two 5 gallon pails with bottoms cut off stacked/ stuffed with R30 fiberglass insulation bcuz mice hate it. At the dairy i work they have a fancy California designed livestock fountain set up here in Mn. The freestall barn has six 6' x 6' frost free all poured concrete on site water fountains, the water comes up from the bottom via 3" pvc, that comes from two stock tanks with 1" float valves one for low level and one for high level 100 yards away. The engineers who built it figured out the correct ground level to locate the stock tanks to make it all work. One of the problems with dairy cows is we walk them through the copper sulfate foot baths everyday so they think it's okay to stand in the water fountains on hot days.
big thanks from Germany for another great educational vid! :)

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