Bell 47 Helicopters. Start up, take off, landings, flying Police.

Bell 47 Helicopters. Start up, take off, landings, flying Police.

Once you've seen one, you've really seen them all.
All the Bell 47's sound exactly the same, I wonder if anyone has an improved muffler for the engine these days to quiet them down a bit.
If I win the Lottery I'm buying a Bell 47, complete rebuild with modern avionics.
There's a simplistic beauty about the Bell-47.
As a young boy in 1960's England I remember cycling home from school as fast as I could so I could watch the American children's TV program "Whirlybirds"....I was fascinated with Helicopters...especially the Bell-47.
1976 I passed check ride for FAA commercial Rotary by this helicopter at Fort Worth TX, even I never fly this OH23, most of the time I flew UH1H for 3000 hours  and 30 hours TH55 . It is different but lovely helicopter, Memory never die and I bet a lot of Pilots in Vietnam War never forget this Helicopter.
I have always equated the risk factor of flying in a helicopter with that of riding a motorcycle. Both are fun but dangerous. On a motorcycle the danger is a driver who doesn't see you. The chance of injury or death is greater then in a car. With a helicopter the danger is mechanical failure with the chance of injury or death greater than in a fixed wing aircraft. True, in an emergency, a helicopter can perform an autorotation to a small area while an airplane needs a long, clear area to land safely, but if a helicopter has a mechanical failure, you are dead regardless of the terrain below you. Actually the only time I ever flew in a helicopter was at a state fair many years ago. They were giving rides for $10 for a 10 minute flight around the area. It was a Bell 47G-3B2 (turbocharged), if I recall.
Beautiful! 1956
You can watch the original 'Whirlybirds' TV programmes made by Desilou productions here on Youtube,the red helicopter in this video is a Brantly B2.
N555EN, B47-D1, got my license in that one back in 2007.  Nice to see she's still flying.
because of the way of the cameras and videos the rear prop and sometimes the main rotor will always be distorted because of the frames per second on the videos
أنه طائر جميل من أين تصناع أسفرت من الحديد آمن الفيبر ومطريقة صناع اشفرت .
price of bell47
Mon premier baptême en hélicoptère! Fut le Bell 47 G et si j' en avait vraiment les moyens, c' est bien celui-ci que je prendrait!!!
I have been in love with "copters" since I was a answer me this. I see the blue 47 without any tail rotor .why is the chopper not trying to torque itself into a spin...???
sir please give my full helicopter details size
very nice
Great Filming!!!!!! Bell 47's Forever!!!!!
can the one built and design one like this

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