Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Bell 47 / H13 helicopter review and flight

Bell 47 / H13 helicopter review and flight

Anyone know the name of the intro music used
It's obvious Insurance Companies don't allow real auto rotation landings in a helicopters, in practice
you didn't mention the one that flew in the Fellini movie!
How much for it?
I can’t stand those type of helmets. They always look too big.
I’m glad you didn’t edit out the airplane taking off. Makes it more real. I love doing a preflight and watching the guys take off. Gets me in the mooood.
Hay, a Bell Bubble.
Hi. I'm new to your channel. I dreamed of flying when I was a kid. Someday I would like to fly and I think I might try helicopter flight. Why? Because it's there. It's been my lifelong dream and I think I might go after it.
So the question I want to ask the pilot is, how does he deal with no throttle correlation? How hard is it to develop a feel for it?
dun dun dun dun DUN DUN dun dundunduuuuuuun
That pilot was excellent at flying that old bell. I want to learn and when I start taking lessons I hope the pilot is at least half as good.
wow Cool flies like a Dreamliner,0:13
no excuse for poor audio portion.
Every video has a random expressionless blank stare dude just standing around in them. Odd
Amazing video. Like I'm watching a movie
Used to live not far from there. Saw the Bell 47 often.
You've got to be joking. Looks like the most unsafe flying machine ever invented! No lock up on the blade like a locking torque converter on the centrifugal clutch. No battery to start it with in the field. How did they manage in Korea? Why did they never adapt a multiblade for better lift. Only way I would get onboard is if they were hauling my dead carcass!
Amazing a helicopter developed in the 40s is so smooth at taxying. Amazing. He was barely moving the stick.
Is it easy for small airplane pilots to transition to a Heli. Other than getting used to collective/throttle. Is it easier or harder to adjust vs if I wasn't familiar with small Cessnas, etc
The Bell beautiful and so simple.

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