Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Bell 47 G-2 Flight Instruction - Helicopter Spotting!

Bell 47 G-2 Flight Instruction - Helicopter Spotting!

Why is the Instructor "on the Controls"? If an instructor is afraid to let a student fly, he should stop instructing.
I love watching Bell 47s on the old Highway Patrol show from over 60 years ago thinking they are still at it!
i want that one.
I remember my first flying hours with the Bell G2 47 was 1983 . .Biuatiful time
Hey! I know that pilot! Hi Ben!!! Great video you guys! :)
Honest question..., the two pods behind the pilots..... really not sure what that is.
Thank you for showing me the Helicopter BELL 47 SOLOY.. Its so unique and STYLE.. I loved it !
the original batcopter is a bell47
That hellicopter sounds like a singing bird!!!!!

tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet !!!!!!
I always wanted to fly/ own a Bell 47. My favorite scene in Smokey and The Bandit is the Bell 47 scene near the end. and the pilot says.... "Paydirt. I just picked up the Bandit eastbound on 95.". I love that!!!!

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