Be With You (Selalu Menyembahmu) by Sendy Stepvina @ City Harvest Church

Be With You (Selalu Menyembahmu) by Sendy Stepvina @ City Harvest Church

blessed people they are the presence of our Holy Almighty God❤️❤️❤️
I don't think that this worship leader realized the high level of anointing that was upon her when she led the congregation in worship that day with this particular song. Each time I listen to this song, it brings such a refreshing and spiritual power to my soul. I pray she maintains this level of anointing and more as she matures, that she may bless the Body of Christ in the earth.
Berpakaian lbh sopan unk menghadap Tuhan. Baru grj ini saja yg begini. Bajunya panjang , dibawah lutut, ato pake celana panjang. Walaupun ini anak muda. Place
i love this song
I love you Jesus!
Be real in Jesus
Lord I live to honor you
This song is such a blessing as it also speaks of my heart for the Lord... whenever I hear or even sing this song, I couldn't help but shed a tear. To me it is a love song for Jesus. Godspeed to the City Harvest worship team.
I lovethis song to worship jesus
Thanks god,,we love you god
Such an awesome song! Amen Amen and and Amen. YES nothing can ever take your place and nothing can stand between You and me, Lord Jesus!
Feeling comfortable to hear this song. My Jesus is my everything i have ...
Please make a studionl version of this song
Praise you Jesus!! Hallelujah!! What a beautiful song 😂😂😂
glory to God,even in utube watching,the anointing is so thick,it makes me cry.Very good Praise
and worship team esp the song leader.Keep on Worshipping Jesus.
Thanks Lord for everything you’ve done in my life. Thanks for every beautiful day. You’re faithful Lord, please fill my heart with the light of you. I need the power from you Lord. Please take me higher and draw me deeper Lord, I give my all to be with you. You’re the only one for me, nothing’s gonna take your place, My Precious Savior . Amen
Thank you for this wonderful song... i start to cry with this... i may not understand what really going on in my life but still i fully trusted u God. I confess.. i admit that i am a sinner..please forgive me. Thank u for your Love and blessings. Thanks to u Victor my friend.

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