Be With You (Selalu Menyembahmu) by Sendy Stepvina @ City Harvest Church

Be With You (Selalu Menyembahmu) by Sendy Stepvina @ City Harvest Church

Potters hand
I love this song
Yes Lord Jesus I want to be with you all the way of my Life..never leave me my Lird Jesus..amen...
Every time i hear this song... Made me cry..... Thank you for everything jesus.... Ur our precious saviour
If yiu believe jesus like this🙏
I love this song
Yes Jesus nothing can take your place nothing can come between you n me under heaven n earth. You in me and i in you love you Jesus.
This worship song has made my heart really in peace. Thank you Jesus. Amen
I love you JESUS
For those who will try the other path of life Without God. Don't. We are living in a free world where selfishness exists. It is natural to feel worthless and wrong but one thing is sure. Jesus and the witnesses of heaven is Currently watching the greatest movie that they ever had and that is YOUR LIFE. God Bless my brothers and sisters
Amen God bless you all..
Ive been blessed hearing the song.😊😊😊
yes Lord we live to praise and worship you.
I like the song,I just dont like the singers wearing pants and black dress,Same as worldy dress up .Hope they wears white garments.They dont know the will of God 🙁
Very Annointed song!!!Jesus is my Saviour.

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