Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

It's Beyer not Buyer..
Fun fact: I remember reading in a biography of magician Aleister Crowley who got hooked on heroin. When the British law banned heroin as over the counter prescription free medication, those who were addicted to it could still purchase it from their local pharmacy. They just needed a doctor's prescription. While methadone was created by IG Farben around WWII and was accepted by the American Health Department in 1947, it took a while for it to be manufactured and used in Europe. Crowley died in 1947 in Hastings, UK so he wouldn't have had the opportunity to kick off heroin with methadone.
Gotta sucker the 99%.
Do Cemex
Oh no i have holera
informative video,, but try to speak a little slower as its hard to understand some of the words due to your accent.
It's not conspiracy theories when people have done the research and have connected all the dots that end up leading to the corporations that control this planet. It's Al out in the open, so much so that the powers that be have got to pay people to make up lies to try and hide the truth that's out there. For instance the term conspiracy theory was dreamt up by the CIA in order to disarm the researchers that were digging into the hit on JFK, his brother, martan Luther King and all the witness's that were killed afterwards in order to better hide the truth. So tell the truth and stand on the side of good in this war between good and evil. We have already won more just need to understand that they have been double crossed and betrayed.
we laugh at the fact they used to prescribe heroin for coughs but laugh at the fact that we are having a pill problem thats slowly catching up to the tobacco and alchohol problem
please do Jaguar.
Please do a study on Reliance or Tata
I had no idea... Thank you
Rise And Fall of The Third Reich mentions Bayer. There is only one thing more addictive than Heroin, that I know of, it is Methadone, one of the many legacy products of the Nazi empire.
We need more documentaries like this .
I can think of Monsanto as another evil company which only goes after profit margins than the health of the people.
Shit i just found that Monsanto is owned by bayer the main company behind the enssure product.
So this company “Bayer” needs to exposed fully in a documentary next.
1. Owns Monsanto
2. Promoted Heroin as a commercial product for cough.
3. Promotes GMO’s without caring about its side effects.
4. Caused cancer, autism, and respiratory sickness in due to use their products
Do Novartis and Gilead!!! Please
Yes please!
I never knew you also use scarcasm in your videos. Great video..
Cute puppies or not, I'm now depressed.
funny how everybody says hitler invaded poland, but they ignore polands prime ministers call for war with germany...
back when men where men

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