Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

coughing not so effective. .. but upset babies on the other hand...
Bayer purchased Monsanto for 66 Billion.
1942 - "Bayer - tested on poles and jews - Made in Germany (not for sub-humans)." 2019 Germany wan't to learn the other countrys about democracy....
Any back story about another Germen company, called Würth?
Business Casual
Gee You are a Liar. There were No diseases. They were created in the lab by the 33 degree freemason Agenda Cult Club elites. Problem, reaction, solution. They created ALL of the problems for people. Franz Ferdinand did Not get killed, he retired from Acting. That was Another BullShit Hoax Story like world war 1 and 2 and No One died. The Nuremberg Trials were Another Hoax BullShit Story. Heaps of LIES being told in this 33 degree freemason Agenda Cult Club video.
Fantastic hyperbole by a a far left European socialist. Great use of your Soviet era propaganda. Are you sure you're not related to Roman Karmen?
FUN FACT about the logo that makes a cross with the Y in the middle: The original name of the firm was Bayer-Kreuz (Bayer Cross) as seen in their advertising in Nazi periodicals during wartime.
Let's trial some Americans for all the war crimes they comitt
Bayer is even Today world's Biggest Richest and most developed Pharmaceutical Companie
15 shekels have been deposited to your bank account for not forgetting the 6 trillion. Good goy!
The company 'ASCOM' would interesting to me! They used to be realöy big buuuut somehow they are almoast gone now (telecommunication was theyr business) :)
Great video i love this one
And you sir, you are soooo funny!!!! "God help me"......hahahaha!!!
Please cover LG company in a video.
Great video i love this one
And you sir, you are soooo funny!!!! "God help me"......hahahaha!!!
Please cover LG company in a video.
i dont know why but whenever i see hitler in a thumbnail i click on the video. I always assume it will be something spicy
You missed how they developed clotting agents from HIV infected donors, and carelessly infected thousands of Americans, and when they found out it was infected, they shipped their produce to Europe and infected people there to continue to make profit.

My timeline of Bayer:

1) invent heroin, get people addicted
2) war crimes involving zyklon b in ww2
3) take blood donations from heroin addicted people who are often infected with HIV
4) infect American haemophiliacs with HIV due to improper screening
5) find out the blood was infected
6) cover up the scandal and ship produce to Europe and infect people there
7) manufacture HIV treating drugs to sell to the people they infected
About the german alliance of companies long name.. you do not have to worry.. i watch your videos only with english subtitles.. silently.. so keep up the good work
bayer = bauer = rothschild = stop them now !!!
oh, what a strong russian accent
Bullshit that a government contractor would produce a chemical to mass murder people.
They were in it for the money, they wouldnt gas potential workers.
Zyklon B was a delousing agent and was used as such.
monsanto: need some dmg to the entire world?

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