Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

Wel i have some old iron window lock thing on my window with the bayren logo on it😁
Cough medicine heroine... Lean?
Also should've included 'Pervitin' .. although Bayer didn't create it (METHAMPHETAMINE) they did produce it in bulk for the euro market then for the Nazi war machine to keep the front line alert and fearless
I've never heard someone pronounce cholera ho-leer-a or Bayer as buyer
Bayer is my last name
dude, out of all english speakers who tried to say german names you definitely have the best pronounciation! nice work
Giving people cancer since _____.
I'm gonna be honest. Aspirin is these guys claim to fame before they got drunk on money, over time, the company did the aspirin thing and note: That the 'positive effects' are true. It does 'relieve': symptoms. But it didn't, and will never heal. They didn't know back then that in higher, or commonly used does, causes cancer - because of it being synthetic, entirely. What pissed me off, is how bayer uses it's old aspirin, in everything it makes. Commercials on TV today for everything from Bayer kids multivitamin gummies, to adults, women, men, Back pain, overall pain, casual relief.. etc
Great vids btw
Do yonex
at the same time they sold heroin they convinced the german goverment to ban weed because its dangerous...
Thanks for producing a very informative video. There are a lot of fake videos out there I think you really captured the entire story which also seems quite true in retrospect to the things that have happened
Could you show your sources?
Heroin and cocain drugs of bayer company is the real cause of the unspeakable cruelty and crimes against humanity during ww1/ww2
here you can see how brainwashed we are. when "buying heroin", sounds like something immoral. like something, humanity has not the right to. its sad
You are evil. Fuck you.
As a German I have to say you pronounce it nearly perfect. Thanks for the nice video.
we're healthy not thanks to modern medicine - but thanks to hygiene
Can u make more on pharmaceutical companies it would be of great help for students from b.schools in pharma sector

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