Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

Bayer: Need Some Heroin for Your Cough?

Lol cute puppies. 😂
Why does this surprise you when there is codeine in nowadays syrups and people are using them to get high
Need some codeine for your cough?
Not to be Pickelhaube about it, but Germany was much larger at that time.
Can you please make a video on BASF?
I just found your channel and, love your videos, very informative.
Heroin in cough syrup sounds bad, but we use codeine now, which is inactive on its own, but is metabolized into morphine. morphine vs diamorphine. Its worth noting that opiods and opiates are shown to be ineffective at supressing coughs.
Wrong map of Germany, but everything else was amazing!!!
Got a cough? Time to shoot the fuck up lads!
Oooh these niggas be plotting some shit i swear
i need heroin for my cough.
I almost worked at Bayer Material Science (Covestro)
Call me crazy but shouldnt we boycott these companies or something?
fuck bayer
Hell! I thought ColdFusion was the best.... But actually Business Casual is totally marvelous...!
And now they bought Monsanto to become the ultimate evil company
Germany looked much different in 1843...
thats wöz häppenz when you byRn€ yör medicin men ^ ^

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