Baling Second Crop Hay 2012 with a John Deere 3020 Diesel

Baling Second Crop Hay 2012 with a John Deere 3020 Diesel

I gotcha and have a nice day bud
even though it would be very tough you think it would be possible to make a profit off just 100 acres or go bigger if you had the market,customer's to sell to,the land and equipment and round baler and square baler?
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I gotcha and I was wondering if you could make a big enuff profit to hay farm
Mahaffy pa??? That's an hour and a half away from my farm
Is there any special reason the baler's hitch wasn't moved to the side? It looked like you had to drive on the windrows
I think I asked you this before how. I am sorry if I have. But how many bales does that bale wagon hold
My dad has a '68 or '69 (can't remember exactly) 3020 gasser. First tractor he ever bought. He always told me that Deere made good square balers, but the bulletproof ones came from New Holland.
How many acres did you cut
I gotcha. Curtis chambers
Thanks for posting that video. Question...will that 530 run that baler without the wagon OK?
Bonjour ,combien  d'hectare as tu?
How many bales does the trailer hold
You just got to love those older JD tractors.  Those 20 series tractors are from the '60s, and there are still many of them out there gettin' her done!   I grew up with a Farmall A, and pretty much every farm I worked for ran John Deere's  ALL of them had at least one 3020 or 4020.  I wonder if today's tractors will still be working 40 or 50 years from now??
Thanks for the memory. Did this in the 1960s on Uncle's farm. Oliver with New Idea with cutter bar. Farm all "A" to rake. New Holland baler.
When I was just about 6 or 7 I got to help with the hay bailing.  They let me drive the tractor with the forks on front and scoop up hay to haul over and dump in the bailer.  And they stacked the bales on the trailer by hand and the storing was by hand also.  Of course this was in the 1950 era and we did not have any fancy equipment.  One of my uncles always had nothing but John Deere, we called them popping Johnnies due to the unique exhaust sound.  Thanks for sharing.
Is that a pt9 mower ?
I'm a little jealous.  When I was about your age I did our baling with a 3010 and an International 45 baler.  It's just not right to watch you bale and see a baler not miss any knots. 
3020 is a 4 cylinder tractor

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