Baling Hay with Ford Tractors.

Baling Hay with Ford Tractors.

Lovely. I am also in the hay making game but from sunny South Africa.Lots of scary challenges with your weather. Also run a few Fords. We have a 4000, 2 x 5000, 6610 and a 7610. Still think the ford 5000 is the best tractor Ford ever built.
I love this video I live on a farm and we have a ford tractor

nice video of that :) and nice looking machines :)
Glad you enjoyed it.
ford 5610 gotta be my favourite machine, loving the video
does the ford 5030 have a cd player in it ?
Nice one again Alan, that is quite a nasty hill there, great seeing these old school fords working does look like a 5610 on the rake, wish the weather would pick up a bit now though 10/10..
Nice to see some old school hay making, haybob always made nice hay rows.
To sduffy8050 Well it was good weather then. We had 2" rain yesterday, in 12 hours - and that after two weeks of pretty miserable weather, here.
To williboy95 Thanks William. You got any oldies?
another great one alan-you know you have good weather when you see the dust flying!
Nice one, with old tractors :-)...
To togreektown Hi Wayne. Yes, we call them small yet in their day they were BIG! They certainly are competent to do the job they have here. . . . Alan
To aaron7610man Thanks a lot. I like to vary the diet a bit, so you don't get tired of just one brand of cornflakes! I haven't taken any video for over a week, and then it was just one short film, so I'm delving in the archives - but it's all this year. . . . Alan
5***** i like the the way yourself and rakerman are going old school! i'd rather watch this outfit to a new one

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