Baling Hay MF375

Baling Hay MF375

How much hp is that tractor?
nice video and how many acres was that field and could you make a living off of just hay farming and 50 or 100 acres farm of hay and have a nice day bud
Hey Mac see if you can get a old piece of belt from someone to put on your drawbar so hay doesn't hang up on you pin and ball up. it works really well.
I always get a kick out of hearing tractors sped up 8x, ha ha. You guys have a really nice place there. Thanks for the vids, just subscribed!
nice !! 5:10
We had a NH BR740 round baler for 10 years, and we were not satisfied with it, trade it this year for a Vermeer 504N and so far it has been great. BTW we live in south GA
Noticed that you do not shut off the pto when dumping a roll.  We looked at a new 1745 this year and the dealer recommended that we cut off the pto when dumping.  That decided for us that we did not want the 1745.  Are you satisfiedwit the 1745?

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