Baer Plays Banished (Pt. 5) - Cattle(s)

Baer Plays Banished (Pt. 5) - Cattle(s)

This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Let's Plays.
Baer you have 18 families living in 9 homes, you should build like 10 houses first... Otherwise you'll to few childs and everyone dies of old age
You don't actually need to worry too much about accidentally leaving people set as builders, if I remember correctly they revert to acting like Laborers if there are no active building projects for them to work on (thats not to say you should just set them all as builders of course). Great Video as usual though!
Great Episode Bear!
One thing about the Cattle tho they produce meat and leather but (ofcourse) only when they are killed that means that you might want to build a bigger pasture because a max of 5 cattle can't reproduce nearly fast enough to make it worth it.
My fav Banished lp tbh
*baer * spell check
Yay Baker I've been waiting for this for days thanks :3

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