Baby Guinea Pigs - 1 hour old

Baby Guinea Pigs - 1 hour old

They're larger than baby bunnies at birth.
lol i cant tell if they are abyssinians or not
They are so cute they look like yo mama
i love guinea pig 😚
very cute look after them
Omg are those texel baby guinea pigs

They are so cute my piggy just gave birth to a litter of 3
There so cute 😘😘😘😘😘
Its 2014 now
Guinea pigs don't go through a phase of nakedness or blindness at all then??
Oh my gosh I might be getting these, I asked online if they thought my piggy was pregnant and they said she will give birth any day :D
I hear purring XD
Hating? I was not hating did you see his comment? no? so shut up.
Haha my guinea pig just had babies last week! (well sorta mine coz me and my friend are breeding together and it is sorta hers but im the dads owner and we kinda just share the mother and the father)!! They are so cute!!! Would you mind wating my video of my new babies?? oh and would you wanna be YouTube friends??
my bff is giving m aby one becouse hers is having babys :D
Uh I think u shouldn't use cedar shavings
I'm gonna get some because my guinea pig is pregnant
I want one!!!

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