Babe (1/9) Movie CLIP - Babe's New Beginning (1995) HD

Babe (1/9) Movie CLIP - Babe's New Beginning (1995) HD

Did that puppy just say "what does he taste like
My 👵🏻 got to see this 🎞 for the first time at the assisted living facility she moved to last year in September. It was for 🎥 Night.
I love how the dogs are realistic about the pig
This was such a weird movie lol
And I watched it in dutch
I want Babe to run away because running away is a great way to solve problems.
download full movies plzzzz
Search on Youtube"pig eating bacon"...they are dumb
wat does he taste liek
I still find it so hard to believe that this is the same man who brought us the Mad Max films. I applaud your versatility, George Miller.
I still have a soft spot for Babe. I think it's a cute movie. And it's more intelligent than some people give it credit.
Way to intense for a border Collie
I love Charlotte's web and Babe alot.
I saw this movie when i was 20, since then and now for me is the best movie i ever saw.
the puppies always get me every time because they are sooooo cute and adorable but Babe was cute to especially for a Piglet.
Border coolies are so cute
is it wrong gto love this move and still eat pork?
fly: pigs are definitely stupid
me: they are actually more intelligent then border collies!!!
this movie is E.T. 2 but a pig version of E.T.
Does some one know where i can wqtch ut
Why was Fly so nice to Babe since when they meet if she thinks pigs are stupid?

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