Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Babe (1/9) Movie CLIP - Babe's New Beginning (1995) HD

Babe (1/9) Movie CLIP - Babe's New Beginning (1995) HD

It´s a shame that bacon taste so good
This breaks me to my core .
I really love this movie~!!!!!!!!!! ^^
Although Fly is being kind, you can tell she still thinks pigs are stupid. It takes a few scenes before she talks to him like he's intelligent.
Omg when he said I want my mom I was crying
I was like that in pre-school kindergarten and first grade saying "I want my mom!"
The sad scene as well as Maa's death later on. (Somehow even though Ferdinand was my favourite character the Christmas dinner scene didn't affect me as it affects him and Babe who was sad for him)
When Babe Cried "I want my Mom" it severely touched my heart deeply. That mother collie is the sweetest. Now I really want a border collie. They're the most Sweetest smartest cuddliest and loveable dogs on Earth. If I want dog breeds like that then I'd get me a border collie.
Did that puppy just say "what does he taste like
My 👵🏻 got to see this 🎞 for the first time at the assisted living facility she moved to last year in September. It was for 🎥 Night.
I love how the dogs are realistic about the pig
This was such a weird movie lol
And I watched it in dutch
download full movies plzzzz

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