Awesome Anti Mormons Speak on Book of Mormon Fictional Origin

Awesome Anti Mormons Speak on Book of Mormon Fictional Origin

Lucifer's Deception System = LDS.
but I can handle it.You make me laugh.Much appreciated.
Dodger,I have recently discovered your videos,and really appreciate the work you put into your videos,the work you put into your responses to certain comments,and mostly your dry,droll sense of humour.As a believing Roman Catholic,god only knows what lurks in your thoughts about my faith,b
Joseph Smith couldn't tell if a prophecy was from the Devil, when he wasn't able to sell BOM in Canada. Muhammad had the same problem with the Satanic verses.
The Qu'ran has people becoming white skinned on judgement day if they are good, and black if their works are evil.
I have been reading Qur'an alongside the Book of Mormon.
A magic world view as opposed to the miracles that were performed by the Covenant God to save His people in the Bible. Magic is a problem with both books :Mormon and Qu'ran.
In Alma 31:36 a man claps his hands and people receive the Holy Spirit.
There are many magic elements in Qur'an as well having to do with wizards, who bewitched the prophet by blowing on knots Qu'ran 113:4.
Wizards are also mentioned in BOM.
The Occult has only a negative connotation in the Bible.
Moses had an order to execute people making claims of magic.
Your comment around the 1:17 min mark about bees in a submarine. Nowhere in the Book of Mormon does it speak of submarines. It was never even known until the 2000's that bees were even over there in the middle east.
TO ALL READERS testimony from a hostile witness cannot be trusted, because said testimony is biased.

For example: if you are facing murder charges, would you feel that your worst enemy's testimony is reliable in your court proceedings?

If you want to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, please do yourselves a favor, by attending Sunday service AT the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And ask the Saints what we truly teach.

If you want to learn about Jews would you download White Supremacist videos and White Supremacist articles that talk about Jews?

That being said I invite ALL ANTI MORMONS to discuss a syllogism titled Christ's Teachings Debunk Anti Mormonism.
The Book of Mormon is even a bigger work of fiction that anything Stephen King could come up with.
Joseph Smith was a charlatan and a pathological liar. But he had one commendable characteristic. He had a droll sense of humor. Imagine getting thousands of people to walk around in ridiculous underwear!! Choice. Really choice. And more than 100 years before Monte Python.p
The aim of the majority of people was to oppress and destroy the church
by spreading these lies about the church. This link explains :
it wasn't a stone it was a smart phhhhhhooooooonnnnneeeeeee
could it be that it was nephi that was running and could it be that the nephites were Giants I think it's interesting As a mormon myself that 200 of the Council Angels that fell and cursed themselves that day at Mt. Herman their number was two hundred
I think I know what your doing and I respect it just saying
The Book of Mormon presents BIG problems that cannot be explained away:
LANGUAGE: 1 Ne. 1:2, etc., states that Hebrews who left Jerusalem and came to the Americas spoke Egyptian. It is a known fact that Hebrews spoke Hebrew, and their records were kept in Hebrew. Egyptians were their enemies. It is absurd to think that Hebrews would have written their sacred history in Egyptian as to think that American History would have been written in Russian. In Mormon 9:32, 34, it is state that the language was "reformed Egyptian" and that no other people knew their language. There is no known language called "reformed Egyptian."

DESERT FRUIT: 1 Ne. 17:5 talks about ample fruit and wild honey being products of Sinai desert (called Bountiful). Not possible!

DESERT TIMBER: 1 Ne. 18:1 talks about ample timber that these Jews used to build a ship. There is not ample timber in that area. It was a desert. It still is a desert.

LAMAN RIVER: 1 Ne. 2:6-9 mentions a river named Laman that flows into the Red Sea. There is no river there and has not been since the Pleistocene era.

BOTANICAL PROBLEMS are many in the Book of Mormon. Wheat, barley, olives, etc., are mentioned, but none of these were in the Americas at that time.

ANIMALS: North America had no cows, asses, horses, oxen, etc. Europeans brought them hundreds and hundreds of years later. North America had no lions, leopards, nor sheep at that time. Honey bees were brought here by Europeans much later. Ether 9:18, 19, lists domestic cattle, cows, and oxen as separate species! They did not even exist in the Americas at that time.

The Book of Mormon also mentions swine as being useful to man. Maybe, but Jews would not think of swine as being useful or good; swine were forbidden, unclean animals to them.

Horses, asses, and elephants were not in the Americas either.

And what on earth are "cureloms" and "cumoms"? No such animals have ever been identified anywhere. Domestic animals that are thought to be "useful" would hardly become extinct.

Ether 9:30-34 talks about poisonous snakes driving sheep to the south. The Book of Mormon states that the people ate the snake-killed animals, all of them! (v. 34). Hebrews would not have eaten animals that were killed that way.

Chickens and dogs did not exist in the Americas at that time either.

BUTTER is also mentioned, but it could not possibly exist, since no milk-producing animals were found in the Americas at that time.

CLOTHING MATERIAL: No silk and wool clothing (or moths) existed at that time either, contrary to 1 Ne. 13:7; Alma 4:6; Ether 9:17 and 10:24.

BEHEADING: Beheaded Shiz --- Ether 15:30-31 says that after Shiz was beheaded, he raised up and struggled for breath!

MISCALCULATIONS: In Ether, chapter 6, we learn that furious winds propelled the barges to the promised land for 344 days! Even if the winds were not "furious" but, for example, blew only 10 miles per hour, the distance traveled in 344 days would have been 82,560 miles, or more than three times around the world. Absurdity, to say the least!

And why would the Lord instruct Jared to make a hole on top and bottom of each barge? (Ether 2:20).

POPULATION: When Lehi left Jerusalem, according to the Book of Mormon, his group consisted of fewer than 20 people. Yet 19 years later the people had so prospered and multiplied in the Promised Land that they built a temple of which the "manner of construction was like unto the temple of Solomon: and the workmanship thereof was exceeding fine" (2. Ne. 5:16).

Looking at what the Bible says about the construction of Solomon's temple, we find that it took 30,000 Israelites, 150,000 hewers of stone and carriers, 3,300 supervisors (I Kings 5:13-16) and about seven years to build it (See also I Kings 6).

And how many people could Lehi have had in his group after 19 years?

The book further tells that in less than 30 years after arriving on this continent, they had multiplied so rapidly that they even divided into two nations. Even the most rapid human reproduction could only have resulted in a few dozen in that brief time, and most of them still would be infants and children and about one-third older people.

Not only did they divide into two nations, but throughout the book, about every few years, they had devastating wars that killed thousands (i.e., Alma 28:2).

SKIN COLOR: Beginning after the first 19 years or so, Laman and Lemuel and their descendants and followers (!) turned dark skinned because of their disobedience (2 Ne. 5:21). According to the Book of Mormon, dark skin color was a curse from God! This change of skin color takes place throughout the book. In 2 Ne. 30:6 we read that if Lamanites accepted the true gospel, they became "white and delightsome" (and since the 1981 printing of the Book of Mormon, they became "pure and delightsome.)

But if they left this true gospel, they became "dark and loathsome." People's skin color does not change if they believe or do not believe! Nor is the skin color a curse!

The Book of Mormon teaches that Indians originated from these Jewish settlers. Indians are distinctly Mongoloid. They have the "Mongoloid" blue spot, specific blood traits, and their facial features are of typical Asian origin, not Semitic at all. Current DNA evidence has confirmed this as well.

Questionable Materials for This Time Period

In Ether 7:8-9, we read of steel and breakable windows (2:23) in Abraham's time! Try to explain that to an archaeologist. Steel was not even developed until about 1400 years later.

At the end of the Book of Mormon, Moroni tells about a great battle that took place on the Hill Cumorah. Over 200,000 people, armed to their teeth, were killed on that hill. The story tells about Their weapons, breastplates, helmets, swords etc. Nothing has ever been found on that hill or anywhere else in this continent. As a matter of fact, metal, helmets, swords, etc., do not disappear in a mere 1400 years.

Before the LDS Church purchased the Hill Cumorah, it was literally dug full of holes and even caves, but nothing was ever found. (Joseph Smith told about a cave inside Hill Cumorah and how they - he and Oliver - went in and out of it. Supposedly it had wagon loads of gold plates, Laban sword, etc.)

When people dig even for worms in the Holy Land, they make discoveries. In contrast to the Book of Mormon, cities, places, coins, clothing, swords, etc. mentioned in the Bible have been found by archaeologists, but not one single place mentioned in the Book of Mormon has ever been identified.

There are still people in the LDS Church who believe that archaeology has proved, at least to a degree, the Book of Mormon. Some missionaries are still using slide presentations of ruins from Mexico and South America, implying that they prove the Book of Mormon, but they are from an entirely DIFFERENT TIME PERIOD and are ruins of idol worshipers who offered human sacrifices.

the LGM [Last Glacial Maximum] was ~16K years ago. 47:47, so there was a rising of sea level which inundated coastal cities ..... if there were any, ..... since we're told we were hunters and gatheres til about 6K ya. This is what science is saying happened.
I always tell Internet Mormons that we should both join F-LDS Mormons if we really believe this is the most correct book. The clean shaven joe college Mormon doesn't want the rough beard, polygamy, and original anit-black stance. They want the Mormon that looks like traditional Christianity. But if they were to re-pray about it, and think about it - it should reason that F LDS is the way to go. Don't be a modern day political correct LDS, and return to the origin Fundamental Later day saints.
talk about babble...

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