Auto Flower seeds ? week 6 auto flower grow, Green house Seeds/ Crop King .

Auto Flower seeds ? week 6 auto flower grow, Green house Seeds/ Crop King .

You got to be Warp speed to a Sunday super stone. I can't understand doing a video as buzzed as you. Keep up the great instructions you give us. I've been shadow watching and lurking and learning. I'm 66, in MO, retired with a bad back for 15 years and wanting to grow this year. We just got medical in November but no action yet. Class out for now, it's time for my medicine. Puff.
bro fuck u for shaking ur bud.
What is 18/18 Hahaha LMFAO
Nice video bro, I want to try your 18 18 how dose that work, do I need to set my clock back for that shit,
12/12 then he says 18/18 lol what?
What size screens to buy for this method please? thanks.
You are a wealth of information I would like to suck your brains out through your nose
Yah i got a question the other day my 3ft hydroponic plant died and i made shure i gave them a tad more nutrients each time i changed the watter and the plant started great but after i changed the watter on the one that wats my favorit i wome up next day and my plants leafs were all wilted and i figured id give it another day to c if it would come back to life bc when i saw it happen i aromatically washed the routs of rechanged the watter but it didnt help it do u no y my plant just out of no where just died and i had to tear down 10 of my plants bc they got thiss coating on the stems and branches it was a whitish orangish collor u could even scape the stuff of the stems with a pencil u didnt need anything sharp do u no wat that could of bin that grew on my stocks and branches and y my 3ft hydroponic plant just died out of no where the route system was giant on it so now im just growing auto flower plants now i do got 2 3 foot femail soil plants that are doing good
any advice on growing there strains?????? and do u like them
I don't think autos are good for beginners. If you stunt them, or develop a deficiency that you can't solve before flower, you're screwed. At least with a photo, you can make sure she's truly ready before she goes into flower.
Greenhouse is great... RIP Franco.
so if your plant is 18 inchs tall and is starting to show flowering is this an auto flower plant?
What do you use against bugs?
But I love your video
Like it’s not an insult but you look like a giant baby or like a boy who aged tremendously in your early 30s
Thanks for your experiment your the best grower
is the screen the same as a crystal catcher in a grinder
feminized seeds are basically hermie genes just a heads up
i thought this was a video about feminized seeds heh!
cropkingseeds is a scam from what i hear
all your videos you make out like collecting trichomes is somthing new we have been doing all these techniques the last 25 years excluding of course BHO and pressing

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