ASMR Spa Facial role play

ASMR Spa Facial role play

I’m still here, 2018 gang 😽
Still a fav 6 yrs later 💕🌸💓
제 asmr 입문 영상이었는데 다시 들어도 좋네요ㅜ
This is the very first ASMR video I watched 2 years ago. 💕 Immediate tingles and amazing sleep 👍🏽
still awesome after 5 years
this is my all time feveret
픽스범님 저 또와쏘용,,,,새벽에듣는 영어asmr는 이게 짱인것같아용,,,💕
She is one of the first ASMR people I started watching in 2012. Over five years later and its 2018. Wow.
Is Nichole in Medical School now?
2017 and still watching . I love it
돌고돌고다시찾아온 픽스범ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Over the years I have enjoyed your videos. I consider this video one of your best, if not your best one, and one of my favorites, along with the Cranial Nerve Examination, the Ear Cleaning and Massage, the Weight Loss/Confidence Boost/Anxiety Hypnosis and the Mouth Close-up with Panning and Triggers videos. Your voice is the main reason they are so enjoyable; its sound, along with the other sounds you create, is very therapeutic.
best vid
다른영상보려고 계속이영상끄려다가도 너무 아쉬워져서 못나가고있어요ㅋㅋㅋ자려고들은건아닌데 어쩌다보니 첨부터 다 듣게 되었네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ넘좋습니당!!
The first asmr video I've ever seen <3
I love your lips
we need more videos especially role playing Mr's pigsbum 53
Ya know, I'm still waiting on the seconded part to this. I'd love to see a part two. :3.

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