ASMR Ear Examination Role Play (Edited with louder sound quality)

ASMR Ear Examination Role Play (Edited with louder sound quality)

Beautiful Nicole. Emperess of Korea. Please whisper sweet nothings into my ears once again.
6 years later and I still find myself watching this video to get a nice relaxed sleep, thank you!!
A classic.
Still one of my favourite ASMR video's, I've watched it so many times, I decided to watch it with the captions on, highly recommend it's hilarious !
This is such a heavy throwback to when I first started watching asmr videos in autumn of 2012 bc my sister discovered it by accident. The time when I did almost nothing at all in my free time except watching asmr videos bc I was so stunned at the fact that there is a whole community for this super special feeling that I was hunting for throughout my whole childhood. :D Pigsbum was one of the very first asmrtists I discovered back then.
Hands down, no one can top this.
This was one of the first ASMR videos I ever watched 5 years ago. All I can say is thank you. It got me through some sleepless nights and even though the ASMR community has come a long way since then, this will always be, to me, Ear Exam OG.
asmr이 활성화가 안됐을때 영상인가봐요
그럼에도 잘버텨주신거같은데
다시 안돌아오세여?
요즘엔 업로드가 안되네요
꼭 한번은 돌어오시길 버래요 ㅠㅠ
You have the most sexiest lips
2017 and still listening first video I ever watched sent tingles down my spine and never fails 😄 since 2013

Can't find anyone who can match this!
It's the best specially on 9.49 min. my old ears got the tingles.
This is my favorite on my ASMR playlist. Your voice is a dream
Still three years later and the best ear exam roleplay there is
One of my favs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The combination of your accent and the white background noise are just perfect...the soft spoken voice is the cherry on top!!..definitely going on my favs list
don't mind the background really... it's like white noise to are easily distracted if you can't focus on this girl !! 
and the 1st one was so quiet as to be almost in audible...  this is one of the asmr classics here
Great ASMR videos, please keep up the good work.
Reading the comments is a habit I need to stop doing. God bless us all

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