Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Asian Pumpkin Farming and Harvesting - Amazing Japan Agriculture Farm

Asian Pumpkin Farming and Harvesting - Amazing Japan Agriculture Farm

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ابداع وجوده
I think you have to work out your grammar. Just a constructive criticism. 😅
We have huge farms in Phil. My Dad he planted directly to soil ,and harvested abundantly.
This is very good information for farming. I am Indian (West Bengal). my gmail address.
वेरी नाइस एग्रीकल्चर
In japan everithing with mecine,wow
Amazing Japan
It's very nice think
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Nice video friends
hi wow naman this farming style is very awesome really love it
May country Bangladesh
I am diploma in agriculture complete..
Hamare kisano ko to sirf sirf karja mafh chahiye, ,,
your video is still too short, even better if your video duration is more than 10 minutes
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