Aquaponics - Intelligent Technology Smart Farming, Modern Agriculture Technology:

Aquaponics - Intelligent Technology Smart Farming, Modern Agriculture Technology:

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Very interesting.How can We get your services in Tanzania?
Now this is what I've been looking for to understand better on how aquaponics wors. thank you so much .
Please explain in hindi
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anyone knows which suitable light color for each kind of plan, please share me, i'm from Viet Nam
I found this video on Fast Track Grower - there's many good videos there that will help out
I found this video on Fast track grower - there are plenty more useful videos there that will help out
They put Israel logo like the setup was made there. When was clearly made in Illinois. Israel is like a cheap knock off product of the USA
they steal the land from its original people and then go on bragging that they are smart. and the problem all the christian world is cheated by them into supporting them,
Now if (and it is not), #NewYorkState, and #GovernorCuomo, were truly environmentalists, instead of being controlled by hypocrite environmental lobby groups and waffling unions, the Socialist political establishment of New York State, would have Aquaponics, in all of the state's fish hatcheries,such as #RomeNewYork.
When it comes to conservation and the environment, #AndrewCuomo, only does so if it benefits his re-election. And many of the gullible hypocrite voters of New York, will undoubtedly vote...Democrat.
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i like it, can you help me have it
I been working in agriculture in California, I worked in vegetables like brussel sprouts and broccoli. We are very surprised and interested in new technology.
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The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".