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Aquaponics - Intelligent Technology Smart Farming

God bless Israel
who does this for something other than school? like why would u watch videos on this outside of school? i have an essay about this and have to watch this lmao.
aye bru who tf be watchin this shi, im at schooln this shi so lame lol
I am just venturing into starting my hobby in aquaponics
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Free palastine.
My "Extension Office" does not know its butt from a hole in ground...any other suggestions? Thanks!
nice technology , i will try also in my video same this
I got crazy idea but people will not go with it because they will not listen. We American have too many abandon homes and building and we aren't using them, so the bright idea is tell the government repossess the building because they are abandon, then higher people rebuild buildings for farming area like Aquaponics so that the area can produce food and quick shipping to certain area that needed the production of food fast so that way it create more jobs and better cost including laboring. The fact this is best optional to redo things over and improved the areas and make it less abandon, or other wise its better for someone start fire in all thous abandon homes (and bunkers) because it will produce plenty of food and faster shipping and knowledge for roads to be open to easy to take into other sides of states for I do noticed few area could of been travel to the state in thous road. I hope our own people will look forward to make more food and be green productive for the future instead of toxic production.
I think solar panels can solve the issue we have in this program in terms of energy.
this is in usa you assholes
Aquaponic by terrorist
Very smart
to many interruptions
I like isereal farming tacnique
Wow it's amazing!!!!!!

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