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Applegate: Our Hot Dogs

Do you precook them so that it’s safe to eat them right out of the package?
Wait.....I don't eat pork!  Are you saying that you incorporate pork into these "All Beef" hot dogs???
They are the only hot dog I will ever eat again! True fact of a true healthy hot dog!
I don't give a shit about nutrition, organic, animal welfare or any other health crap. I can say honestly that Applegate hot dogs are the best tasting dogs I've ever had. They're more expensive than most, but worth it.
The look on the guy's face at 0:04. Haha
I love Ball Park beef but today for the first time I will be trying this brand I hope I like them.
I enjoy Applegate products, hot dogs and lunch meats. I like the hot dogs on an Italian roll and the lunch meats on rye bread.
these are delicious, and with lower sodium content, i will be buying it again.
They don't use chemicals and other poison....thanks!!
It is unfortunate that Applegate does not show clearly how the meat looks like right before it goes inside the casing. At 0:30 they quickly flash for  a few seconds what looks like chopped meat. Then at 0:45 they show some ground meat. But we never show either the chopped meat or the ground meat going into a casing. Therefore we cannot be sure in what form the meat really goes inside their hotdogs. The fact that Applegate does not feel comfortable to openly and clearly show that key part of the production process makes me not want to et their product. Don't take it the wrong way though, giving what else is out there I still believe Applegate is the best I can find.
We use the inside round cut, which is a premium whole muscle cut. Due to space limitations, we're unable to include this on the package, but you can rest assured that we always use whole muscle, and never any byproducts, scraps, or mystery meat.
What parts, though? Are you guys using chuck, round, loin, flank, ribs, etc.? This would be very helpful in packaging so that the customer doesn't assume byproducts are used when the vague term "beef" is labeled. I trust that Applegate does use real cuts of beef, rather than scraps.
Great question. We do not use any byproducts, just whole muscle cuts of beef, pork, and poultry!
Show us how you truly make the hot dogs and what parts of the cow you put. The label says "beef", but that's a vague term. Are byproducts used?
I love these hot dogs, they taste amazing! Thanks for making them!!!

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