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Applegate - Green Leaf

I never seen this commercial before!! Oh that was so funny.
Evgeny Mishin is the bodybuilder in the cow suit.
fake natty
I love Evgeny Mishin.
lmao. I love this guy and the commercial.
Muscular guy looks cute
A "Green Leaf" on my package? I guess that's supposed to mean it's healthy enough to gobble up the whole package all at once. Feed it to your husband and chlldren...
You tube would be be over the top with at least 100,000,000 views if this commercial had this guy teamed (up?) with Charlotte McKinney of Carl Jrs. Both dressed as they are. WOW.
great job! You guys found a way to really get people intrested in what`s in their food, Bottom line great great job!
Am I the only one that thinks these advertisers are taking "sex sells" too far. I think this is inappropriate for kids to see. But what the hell do I know "I don't have kids so I wouldn't understand"
So funny and so true!!! Love it!!!
This guy is awesome
What does he say at the end?
too funny
what happened his back at 0:06
so funny
I can watch these Applegate commercials again and again. Brilliant! Produce more.
I'd like to see what's under that green leaf
and i thought brilliant marketing was dead

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