Antarctica’s Thickening Ice Mystery (663)

Antarctica’s Thickening Ice Mystery (663)

all means the scientists are scams artists and idiots. Look the history of IPCC, for many, many years the boss was Rail Man from India. The IPCC for many, many years didn't even take into consideration oceans, containing 3/4 of Earth
Legal is Not always Lawful but The Smith-Mundt Act of 2012 Legally Allows Media including your tv news channels to lie, mislead or invent news stories for the purposes of propaganda, a.k.a. for purposes of navigating, influencing or directing public opinion domestically or abroad. Legally Fake News....
Current temp at the South Pole.
I love your show, weather is so interesting.    Can you tell us what the separating lines on the graph you show represent, I know one line is solar flares, is the other increased cosmic rays?
The quality of your videos has been improved with years and experience. Congratulations!!!!!
Amazing content!!!
Greetings from cold Chile.
Everyone needs to send YouTube feedback about the wikipedia article below the video. Tell them it makes you distrust their political bias and Ask them to suggest quality, well cited videos debunking this video instead.... because they cant
Zerohedge joins our team:
Given we have had 7 volcano's erupting this last year throwing millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere, I expect temporary cooling.over the next couple years as this dust moves around the planet.
But look at what's happening in the Arctic Circle in the north, 80C weather and up to 40 wildfires! We just don't know how warming will change the planet! It may well mean we have cooling in the south while the north completely melts!
Idk it's heavy stuff and I try to get people to wrap their mind around it but it's so immersive it can drown you in the enigma.
Diamond mentions the possible 9.2 earthquake in a recent video.Hey hey better prepare for that and hope the grid stays up in the USA.Its getting easier to see opportunity but more prayer it's overwhelming these types of things around the Pacific plate .
its stuck just like the Russian ice breakers and tankers in the Arctic :-)
Ice increases with warming if temperatures stay below freezing.
Astrophysicists link volcanic eruptions and Grand Solar Minimum: "Cosmic rays are high-energy radiation which originates from outside our galaxy. They travel in streams from intergalactic sources, like rivers through the cosmos fueled by supernovae. The uptick in volcanic activity we are witnessing globally is being driven by higher rates of these cosmic rays hitting the planet.

The increase in cosmic rays which the Earth is experiencing right now, moreover, is being caused by a period of diminished solar output our solar system entered in 2017. This decline in solar output can be measured by counting sunspots, and is know as a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)."
i thot anatartica was a 'desert' and got like the second lowest precip amount of the entire earth??
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Damnit this is really starting to piss me off. I like my YouTube but come on man. David should be on our 6 pm news every night.
BUT WAIT!!!, There s more to come, stay tuned, check the bible (revelation) for more info.
Can we all say censorship children

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