Annoying Orange - Storytime #3: The Three Little Pigs

Annoying Orange - Storytime #3: The Three Little Pigs

I love your story time vids I get excited when I see them
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
I hake the rell stuff
My kids sleep with this story
I like 3:13
Do sleeping druty
The three little pears XD
Yay orange found online shopping and bought a (idk lol)
Read Mulan⚔️🗡🗡⚔️⚔️
Orange you’re the best TNT
Children are seeing who need to learn stories tell real stories orange
I love your video orange
HahahhahhaI like 4:24
same with the the wolf at 2:13 when he said osha pig 2 times
when orange said did at 1:37 it sounded like a robot XD
You are the best
Make a story time with only orange

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