I'm eating white carrots for now on
This is TERRIBLE!!
Horror! Absolute horror!!! These scientists are monsters!
We as the vegan community need to speak up about this horror documentary! People need to record their reactions and show how bad this is!
pretty stealthy entrances to the underground laboratory.
I believe this is a very biased documentary
I wonder how many people in here don't eat meat.
Can we say " extinction " or population control. It's sickening. They complain the earth is o er taxed and you want to keep saving People??
Okay and I'm Old McDonald. 🤔🤔🤔
I wonder what is safe to eat? Some vegetables and fruit are hybrids too. Then they have this KETO diet that supposedly helps people digest their food. By the way those skinless chickens look depressed into alien creature. I wonder why those chickens aren't dying during their depression? And why are they messing with rabbits damned?? Look cloning people was unbelievable enough. Chips aware of. Playing God damns this. This life reverse it's state, will still be the same destruction. No matter wholeness is within ourselves, we are forced to move like the air, water and fire. In which this particular elements move in different directions to provide Love to destruction, vise versa. Too much water can kill ya but it defeats the purpose of keeping you hydrated. The thing is we do not have enough Love. Who are to be here and who are not for our universal mother?? Anger should create Love.
Diego te quiero
Saludos desde una clase de cultura científica, arriba españa
Abomination. You people repent
Gross. May the Lord Jesus Christ save us from this people
Sick and abnormal just to feed the world with cholesterol and again using Animals to make money and more money Fuckers
This is so gross and heartless .what about the souls of the animals ? A carrot is not an animal ! This woman is cold and heartless!
hi guys i lik this video very nice
Pure evil, i would love to teach these scumbags the lesson of their lives
This is why I hate science. Human playing god.
The rockefeller foundation was the main power that developed GMO'S. This is the same foundation that developed the idea of eugenics that Nazi Germany adopted and employed in the second world war. Its also the same foundation that introduced "family planning" as the new name for eugenics in the post war era. Connect the dots and you'll find its all a massive agenda for depopulation. Don't support any of this crap, please. Tell everyone you can not to as well.

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