Remember that the devil also appeared as an angel of light.
I don't know but this video is very nice
fake news and fake animals road to fake human being,really scare me i can not sleep.
So this how moden bodybuilders getting huge
bloody freak of nature!
Man has always wanted to play God. Especially the white man. The bible's first lesson was with Lucifer who was jealous of God. Keep it up, You just might get what you're looking for.
I like Olivia especially when she's talking to other people and can i cloning her too ?? .. :)
SOULESS DEPRAVED MINDED DEMONIC MONSTERs... ...They are evil people and know people were not messing with natural genetics for thousands of years....Anyway their time is up...Their intents are wicked and like Intent is critical in contractual LAW Their intent is based on natural fraud thus their time is up....COSMIC LAW IS IN EFFECT..Their VERDICT IS IN AND THAT'S WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO MANIPULATE ALL ASPECTS OF Wickedness kind of like the suicide bomber who knows already spiritually and psychologically dead so the try to destroy everything.....THIS MONSTER OF A WOMAN IS EVIL....CHICKENS NEVER HAD AND ISSUE BEING IN THEIR CORRECT...ENVIRONMENT....DID YOU HEAR THE Part THAT SAID THEY WANT TO CONTROL NATURE....THEIR ARROGANCE AND LACK OF LIVING IN THEIR PROPER CONTEXT IS THE PROBLEM......**CANCER OUT GROWS IT'S CONTEXT** THUS IT NO LONGER SERVES THE BODY AND BEGINS TO DESTROY THE BODY....THEY ARE A CANCER TO THE NATURAL ECOSYSTEM
Disgusted by humanity each day I learn more and more. Men playing God by manipulating nature... just like in the day of Noah with the fallen angels mixing with the seed of man and with animal as well...yuck. Jesus need to come ASAP
wow!where is the world going,this is so weird
these animals never see the light of day (Tyson---1990's)
freaking greedy mother fuckers !!!
This Bitch talking about fruits has dollar signs in her eyes.
Humanity has became ill.
And we where flawed to begin with :(
We need to go back to simple lives and grow our own. Who want's to eat you're abominating Evil Crap. Its time to change. You nut job scientists can eat your own poisons. That's totally Cruel, how would you like to look like that. That Satanic woman isn't GOD, she wouldn't know natural if it bit her in the rear end.
This is so scary on many different levels
wtf these peoples doing they don't even think about that poor animals only for their own sake fkk off genetic engineering 👿👿 it's really bad the scientists making mother nature sick
Ok with me. I get what they have created to help the environment  :)
idiots everywhere
SO WRONG!!!! but alot of PEOPLE are focusing on bullshit nowadays in our government while alot of CROOKS and FRAUDS know about and allowing humans, animals, our food and our hair products to be poisoned to kill us off but alot of people are NOT tripping off of what really matters in Our Country like Very Important issues including crap like this!!!! NEED to bring SERIOUS NONE STOP AWARENESS!!!!

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