This is exactly what the fallen Angels did and they created Dinosaurs out of normal animals. Our todays science are left with mixing an elephant with a chicken and you got yourself a big chicken lmao or Dinosaur. These are the days of Noah.
So we are just making new species.
I would eat it
Why are you so afraid? There is now no simplified form of life anywhere.
Don't be afraid to change.
Eating grown meat from stem cells is silly.... the cows serve a purpose, their shit serves a purpose. Everything serves a purpose. Everything lives off everything. By creating these abominations you are disrupting the balance of life.
Stop playing GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if God intended for all this it would have been so without man's help. Long term this is unhealthy and right out stupid. You think with all these smart scientists they could do something better for humanity. Reverse everything. Everything needs to go backwards not forwards. Let nature be and leave us the hell alone. Let us focus on organics and stop playing with animals!
I'm happy to see in the comments everyone feels the same as me.. let's start standing people.. it's only gonna get worst...
One name...Joel Salatin. His farm (Polyface) is THE WAY to go.
They are evil. Eat less animals or none at all an you would not need GMO animals. Plants foods are meant for curing our bodies now you change their chemistry how can they be healing ?
It is easy to diffuse wrong (not scientifically based /proved) information through the internet there aren’t any reported exampled of released GMO’s or transgenic crops hurting human bodies. These crops have helped both plants and human health, by making harvests more efficient and reducing the need of spraying harmful pesticides. Besides, any GE product goes through government’s regulatory process (a strict one), so if there’s a possibility that this product could do any harm, it’s not approved for release or distribution.
Additionally, part of the process of responsible GE product is carefully testing it compared to similar products developed by other methods. These tests include looking for possible changes to an organism's DNA caused by the insertion of a new gene, or effects of the new gene itself, such as testing for nutritional changes, allergenicity, or toxicity to humans. It's not possible to guarantee that something will NEVER cause any risks, but it is possible to demonstrate that potential risks are less than equivalent products. After all, traditional plant breeding and other unregulated technologies can be risky and result in harmful mutations, but these methods are not regulated like genetic engineering is, and they have been in use all over the world for many years. The changes resulting from genetic engineering are much more specific and better-understood than changes resulting from traditional plant breeding, so it is not surprising that careful observation by both scientists and regulators has resulted in an excellent safety record for GMO crops.
Here are some helpful links to better understand GMO’s and transgenics: (amazing, simple explanation video) (Assessment of the health impact of GM plant diets in long-term and multigenerational animal feeding trials, article review) (funny one, demonstrates that people don’t really know what a GMO is)
I can't find the problem with GMOs. Having bigger products produces more meat aka less people are starving.
May GOD Bless genetics!
This is scary but I hear in 2020 their gonna start human trials 😨😰😨😰
Good video. You could also find this post interesting. Points in favor of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
scientist are demons on mission to murder all things made by God turn all stuff good to crap and toxic
I like those belgian blue bull☺
Evolution created these animals? HAHAHAHAHA don't be silly idiot. GOD created all things and nothing "evolves." Evolution is a false theory created by a 33rd degree freemason Charles Darwin. Anyone who believes in that are brainwashed idiots. PERIOD.
nic knowledgeable video but i am against the manipulation of nature because human will have to remain friendly with nature.....
The future is here. 😍

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