Scary really ... smh ...
Omg that place looks like something from a horror movie.
Cannot believe this is legal.
Organic Only for me now.
And only seafood occasionally now too.
Even everyday farmers have also done selective breeding, some have given hormones to animals and almost all pump them with tons of antibiotics.
And somehow manage to get tick of approval.
They even call animals stuck so tightly together in barns free range. 🤨

These a big industry’s that make too much money think they can do whatever they want

People have a choice and it’s up to us all individually to change the demand for healthier food choices.
Select non gmo/organic only.
Can you say KARMA?
This is fucked up pal
I though chicken have 2 hands 2 legs
I don't understand why everyone is so afraid of GMO, it's the anti fungicides and pesticides that farmers put on their crops that should have everyone on edge. These chemicals are seriously deadly and we wouldn't need any of them if crops had resistances bred or artificially edited in. Unfortunately farmers like us are forced to use harmful chemicals otherwise we have to switch to organic growing so we can raise our prices because of our lowered yield. But with food shortages already on the rise this does not permit a sustainable future, we need to trust that the work of generations of hundreds of scientists is safe and it works.
GMO Is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frankenfood!? Modern fankeinstains!!?? what the!!!???
Hated it! Disgusting. Humans r the most selfish creature. Just to hv more meat we r making lives of these animals hell. Hated it.
I watched part of this in science class today

I found it quite interesting
as we all know that cloned animal born with some disable. so how they can say that they are safe. it can be possible for future. but it future of food and animals. we will be able know what we are eating is just a simple animal or transgenic animal. I just thing all tis things are fack
I am a very open minded person, but watching this is difficult. It makes me feel uneasy and gives me a weird feeling in my stomach. Makes me sick to my stomach. At every point in the video I am looking at everything objectively from a scientific perspective but no matter what, it makes me uneasy. My morals disagree with these practices. Maybe for no good reason, or maybe for a really important one.
but it is still more cost effective to put some proteins into an iron box and make it to grow artificially getting the traditional and old fashioned fast food hamburgers. Some people disgusts the idea aa well as the product irself because it is based on cell reproduction recalling some unwanted conditions but thats what hambergers have been in the context of the problem of food and the technological development. In the future the technique could be perfected as well.
the world is actually so fucked up I hate humans
White people are evil asff
She says I’m an educated person, then says we all use to be 🦍 apes!!!!🤨 How can she believe in evolution. It’s scientifically impossible.😟
Fascinating stuff. While the super salmons are allowed on our dinner plate, why aren't golden rice allowed?
I love Giles
Under our African laws, people criminals are not told they would wait to burn in hell one day, you are buried alive with only your head sticking out for the vultures to feed on you until you die. Within the African culture before colonisation, no one dared to even steal from their neighbours..... Be damned on your own convictions
And burn in the so called Hell you white supremacists created.
For your information, you dare not impose any of your GMO foods, featherless chickens in the name of saving time on the dressing of the chicken. Chickens do and grow very well in Africa. Feed your food to yourselves. How many blind people do you see in Africa that you have to produce orange rice that contains vitamin A. We have palm oil, rich in vitamin A. We don't need you to continue inventing deseases and feeding it to people on this planet, thus cancer, HIV, Tuberculosis and all that you breeded, hid in vaccines to make people ill so you can sell pharmaceutical drugs for your selfish gains. Feed your food to yourselves.

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