Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Amazing Watermelon Harvesting Technology - Watermelon Agriculture - Watermelon Farming

Amazing Watermelon Harvesting Technology - Watermelon Agriculture - Watermelon Farming

이게 무슨 어메이징 수박 수확테크놀로지여. 그냥 수박 따고 고물버스에 실어 나르고 마크 부착하고 무게별 선별과정인디.
이거보고 와우, 어메이징 외치는 사람은 농사 본적도 없나
People busting their asses to get paid pennies on the dollar. Amazing technology.
Bet the ICE people would love to visit.
Migrant worker tech.
Boring. Time waster video.
I did this when I was in high school. Good times. If it paid better I would do it now. Better than working in factory for sure
This back-breaking work earns the workers about only $10 per hour.
this amazing
Are these gmo watermelons? They have no seeds.
So these are the guys that are taking our jobs
I am happy with my little plot of melons that I can pick myself.
When is there going to be a tutorial
hey hey hey im on vicaion every single day
Alhamdulillah shukuran best farming
Not too amazing...and the music...also not too amazing.
You can't fool me, those watermelons may look ripe but they have zero taste because they pick them before the sugar comes up in them. How many grocery store fruits are ripe. NONE. As anyone had a peach, or plum that isn't rock hard and never does ripe. Ha America has alot of food but it's doesn't taste good.
awful music
Where is this amazing tech?
More improvement

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