Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Amazing Watermelon Harvesting Technology - Watermelon Agriculture - Watermelon Farming

Amazing Watermelon Harvesting Technology - Watermelon Agriculture - Watermelon Farming

Wow, manual labor, amazing. Blacks and Spanish breaking their backs while white overlord walks around, amazing.
wow that is amazing. we have watermelon peeling machine.
в какой стране это???
Looks like a good place for an Ice raid!
labor cost.
Where is it?
Iam an Afghan YouTuber with not many subscribers 😅
Must of been really hot......poor guys working without shirts! I applaud all of these hard working folk!
I see them using the old chopped up school buses like that here in Oklahoma for the melon harvest.
Over near Hydro, OK area.
School in Not out for the summer.!!!!.....😂😂😂
School Bus technology
I am very Happy agriculture university result but khity great
Same as fruits pick packing?
Is this hard work
Latin people are the hardest labor workers I have ever worked with , I have been doing roofing work for 35 yes. They will work untill their fingers are to the bone. I just wish that it was easier for me to communicate with them cause I know little Spanish, just enough to get me by I guess but still wish I knew it better
What's happen? Why does this video has alot of views?

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