Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine - Harvest of a Welsh onion

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine - Harvest of a Welsh onion

What is Lana doing in the thumbnail? I came in for her
they are japanese
What are these plants?
Parabéns pela tecnologia
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In japan
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Is it onion ?
الارض المحتله .......فلسطين العروبه ..يا اشباه الرجال. رغم انوفكم سوف تتحرر ان شالله .
clik bait
What is so modern about this ...nothing wow then many places . Everyone heard and seen greenhouse ,paper seed planter,etc
Why TF Lana is on the thumbnail of this video? Haha is she a farmer now? 😁
This is not a nature of palistine . Liaaaar
هذه روسيا وليست فلسطين المحتله.
اليهود مو بس ارهابيين لأ وكذابين كمان.🤣🤣

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