Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine - Harvest of a Welsh onion

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine - Harvest of a Welsh onion

truly amazing info
Did Israel invented this no you are helped enormously by Dutch ,people go to Netherlands in plane loads from Israel to study world class dutch Agri industrial technology in 1969s and 1970s, I was one of them but dont claim we invented it or pretend it , Agriculture universities and American industries in 1960s onwards helped a lot , i can understand your interests for more sales of equipments and produce and that is okay
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THE GOD BLESS Japanese/Chinese science/technology and math 100 times more quality than before IN THE NAME OF JESUS FOREVER AND EVER AMEN HALELUJA AMEN 777
These are Asia people and not Israel 🇮🇱.
This is the land of Palestine
Do know me im jordan ur school friend
This is in Japan
Palastin not israil
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cái d.k.m chỉ vì cái hình mà tốn thời gian >:<
05:40 , Why Is He Stepping On Them ??
I never knew that there is an Asian jew
Any work in avalble in your channel
this is Japanese farmers and technology of growing rice and other vegitable
I love ❤️ this channel
Damm talk about modern technology agriculture new technology
que cultivo es me podria decir por favor

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