Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography -high def

Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography -high def

Nicely done, Ryan. As a long time researcher (40 years) into Book of Mormon geography, I find your conclusions not only plausible, but probable. I would be interested in seeing more detail as you further develop your thesis. Thanks.
This is NOT the Book of Mormon lands. North America is not the Book of Mormon Lands.

Read the Book of Mormon and gleen from it. It tells you what you have to find. Where is the cement? Where are the temples like unto Solomon? Come on... think.
More Book of Mormon BULLSHIT. It has been proven scientifically that Mormonism is a 19th century fraud fostered by a convicted con man and sexaholic named Joseph Smith. How can people be stupid enough and gullible enough to believe this crap?
To those of you concerned about cold weather etc., the Book of Mormon is an abridgment of many records for spiritual truths and warnings not the weather reports.
When I need a good gut laugh, I visit these sites. As an archeologist an geneticist, I marvel at the BS that people swallow. To each his own. Hope it makes you happy and treat people nice.
2 Nephi chapter 1 tells us there were no people in the America’s prior to the BoM people arriving. If your going to use the scriptures then use them. Additionally since God told us there was no one else here then how come all the DNA says the people of the Americans are of Asian decent? So either God is lying or the person who wrote the BoM. Remember it is the most correct book on the face of the Earth....with 3K changes.
My interest is in the Susquehannoks (not their true name) and the megalithic stone culture of the Northeast. Archeoastronomical evidence from two sites, America’s Stonehenge in NH and Council Rocks in PA both align with 4000 years before present. These were proto-Phoenicians, or Canaanites, who worshipped Baal and held to animal totems. Fascinating how your maps fairly well delineates that cultural boundary.

So my question becomes, was it these post-Canaanite Laminites who eradicated the Hopewell Hebrews?
"Let's eat grandpa!" versus, "Let's eat, grandpa!" Yep, punctuation saves lives. 😉
As I considered your map, I find that much of your conxlusions are based on one scripture.  As I read the Book of Mormon your thoughts do not match, or agree with other passages in the Book of Mormon.  I have read orher "evidences" that show much more convince evidence that the Book of Mormon area was elsewhere.  I personally feel that ypur map is like many Christian religions.  They vare based onone passage of scripture, and completely ignore all passages that disagree with what they want to believe
The only problem I have with this geography is in the BoM, there is no account anywhere of talk of winters. That would have been a huge game changer with going into battle, or growing crops. We know that the fourth day of the first month (3rd Nephi 8:5) is April 4th because that's the day Christ was killed. In the BoM it talks about having problems with fighting in the "heat of the day" between the 11th and 2nd months. I don't think in that part of America you have heat issues in February. May it's possible. I still hold to the Central America theory because of the Hagoth story. I doubt he sailed up to North to Canada? I served my mission there and those winters are brutal. Spencer W. Kimball said that the people of New Zealand are descendants of Hagoth. I think when it is finally revealed where the BoM took place we're going to be mildly shocked. The neigh-sayers will utter one word; D'OH!
Loved it. Great job.
Hill Cumorah is disputed. Joseph didn’t call the hill Cumorah. Your read of evidence is off. See John Lund’s video. He destroys the heartland model.
Hahaha you had me at “verified by revelation”. If you have to do that much research as to geographical cities and places written about in the Book of Mormon and still rely on revelation then you should be a taaaaaaaad bit skeptical.
Open the Bible. Most places and areas of events are physically there and have been for over 2000 years. I can buy a ticket to go to Jerusalem, can you buy a ticket to Zarahemla? Or even point it out on google maps.....probably not. Come back to the Bible and true grace by the belief in the REAL Jesus Christ not the fake prophet of the LDS corporation.
Reason they won't find body's is bc the Nephites and laminates collected most their dead for proper buriel, when Britain with help of other nations invaded by command & prophecy of Nephi came into play, the laminates were afflicted and still are, until the gathering of Isreal..
I just wanted to say that Jesus loves you guys! I pray that He opens your eyes to the true Gospel, which is the Gospel of Grace! You live under a gospel of works. Isaiah 64:6 says righteous acts are like filthy rags before God.
Galatians 5:4 says Those who want to be justified by the law have fallen from grace. Ephesians 2 says we are saved by grace not by works, it is a free gift from God. All through the new testament God warns us of trying to please Him thru our works. That won't work. He's not pleased by how many laws and ordinances you can keep because if you break one you are guilty of breaking them all according to James 2:10

Please stop killing yourself trying to be self righteous. It is only the righteousness of Jesus Christ that the Father is pleased with. Put on Christ Romans 13:14 because it is His Son in whom He is well pleased Matthew 17:5

Love you Mormons!
Thank you for your help and time. How great it will be when the general
public will no longer be able to deny the truths that will stare them in the face.
Gal 1:9-10 read the next verses. We all know the wicked take the truth to be hard.

How do we know a false prophet? By their fruits. Christ states in Matt 7:15-20.

Paul stands up to the prophetic test and so did Joseph. The gospel was restored and any who look to change it unauthorized have been caught up in pleasing man.
You CANNOT have millions of people die in battle and have absolutely not one artifact. You are delusional
Not a Mormon nor a believer in the BoM's historicity, but I have lots of background in history and this is much more plausible than the central American scenario which strikes me as pretty forced and based on 19th century ideas of similarity between Egypt and central America backed by later scholarly attempts to prove them. Your scenario at least starts with a known location and doesn't wander too far afield.

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