Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography -high def

Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography -high def

Nicely done, Ryan. As a long time researcher (40 years) into Book of Mormon geography, I find your conclusions not only plausible, but probable. I would be interested in seeing more detail as you further develop your thesis. Thanks.
Thank you for your help and time. How great it will be when the general
public will no longer be able to deny the truths that will stare them in the face.
Gal 1:9-10 read the next verses. We all know the wicked take the truth to be hard.

How do we know a false prophet? By their fruits. Christ states in Matt 7:15-20.

Paul stands up to the prophetic test and so did Joseph. The gospel was restored and any who look to change it unauthorized have been caught up in pleasing man.
You CANNOT have millions of people die in battle and have absolutely not one artifact. You are delusional
Not a Mormon nor a believer in the BoM's historicity, but I have lots of background in history and this is much more plausible than the central American scenario which strikes me as pretty forced and based on 19th century ideas of similarity between Egypt and central America backed by later scholarly attempts to prove them. Your scenario at least starts with a known location and doesn't wander too far afield.
How do you explain all the changes to the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants? Do the original versions of these books support this ridiculous map?
I have studied the mesoamerica maps and theories and the North america maps and wayne mays info and with all due respect , not seeking to attack or put anyone down, I simply say in all love and appreciation it is NOT in North America. The Book of Mormon clues alone cancel out the heartlander model. Some high level points to consider. Joseph Smith made many comments about Palenque after it was discovered. He never solely claimed the Nephites lived in the Ohio region. Zarahemla from D and C 32 never claims it was the same Nephite capital found in the BofM. Josephh Smith said Zelph was a WHITE LAMANITE. I believe based on Hagoths sailing into the sea and Hel. 3 migrations that many remnants of Jaredite and Lamanite descendites of white northbound Indians filtered north but the area is too large from the heartland model. Mesoamerica I humbly believe fits all criteria way better. I have pictures of white Hebrew looking Priest atop small temple while dark skinned warriors take control all from murals in Mexicos Mayan ruin.colored pics 100s of white people, children etc. being sacrificed by dark skin men from Codices of Mayan and Aztecs. with the new . LIDAR radar now picking up 10s of 1000s of buildings, pyramids and homes. Miles and miles of roadways, massive cities with walls around them never discovered yet will further reveal more Nephite type evidences. I am happy to share my research. I have for 20 years and makes me sad to see such division and even contention we need to stop it. Take your position but Ill be there first to admit we dont know for sure yet Brethren, but I have seen more logical fitting evidence and geographical natural fits reading the text of the B of M while pouring over google earth and it makes way better sense in mesoamerica. I believe most LDS Ph.D scholars concurr it makes more sense using the Istmus of Tehauntepec model. Again I only share my opinion not here to fight and thank you for your videos and research. I just cant see the fit and think its a stretch placing it into areas that dont seem logical. I hope we find more so we can not have this division amongst us. thanks again. email me if any one wants pics etc
Thank you. I dont feel crazy anymore.
So many problems with his claims. What continues to convince me is the Andes model.
I thought Joseph Smith used a seerers stone in a top hat to translate the book of Mormon, also my favorite verse in alma 22 is verse 6, "God" is a spirit from beginning to end, my other favorite is from moroni 8:18, "God" is an unchangeable "Being" from beginning to end.
This makes much more sense than looking at south and central America. I also look at Doctrine and Covenants Section 32. Revelation given to Joseph Smith to send Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson to accompany Oliver Cowdery to preach to the Lamanites to the west.
I think the last war where nephites were exterminated ,the war led the carnage nearby hill cumurah , where used to exist trees in moroni's time was colder and a forest but now there were hills ......
Okay, I came back to the video and watched a little bit more. One question is, how did the Book of Mormon people build such fast motorized vehicles to cover all of the ground that you are proposing, and why didn't their descendants continue manufacturing these vehicles?
There's a lot of conjecture and imagination used in this video, not to mention denial of facts and other evidence. I only made it to 19:28 on the video because I'm looking for something specific and I have to move on to more serious treatment of the subject, but here are a few facts that were completely left out so far:

First, the ancient people known to the modern world as the Olmec are definitely the people in the Book of Mormon known as Jaredites. The Nephites, Lamanites, and Mulekites that came to the Promised Land after the Jaredites and inhabited the same lands where the Jaredites lived.

Second, when Brigham Young was standing on the hilltop where the Manti, UT temple now stands, he stated that Moroni dedicated that site for the building of a temple during his mortal life.

Third, a menorah has six branches stemming from the center, not eight.

Fourth, Zarahemla was a large city, not a small structure with three chambers.

Fifth, the part about copper weapons being found but not steel ones - that's because steel was not produced until 500 BC in India at the very earliest; a hundred years after Lehi and Ishmael and their families sailed for the Promised Land.

Sixth, if you read the entire 22nd chapter of Alma, you will see that the narrow neck of land extends north to south (verse 32), not east to west as you indicate is possible.

Seventh, at one time in Jaredite history the narrow neck was blocked by an infestation of poisonous snakes to such and extent that neither man nor beast could pass (Ether 9:31-34). This barrier lasted for eight generations of Jaredite kings. This would normally only occur if there were a water barrier on both sides, and in a warm climate where snakes would not hibernate during a cold season, which negates the possibility of the narrow neck being in almost any part of the present-day United States.

Eighth, the Tree of Life stone (Izapa Stela 5) was found in Izapa, which is on the border of Mexico and Guatemala. It's true that the carving of Lehi's vision of the tree of life on Izapa Stela 5 has been dismissed by non-LDS authorities who don't want archaeological artifacts to be linked to LDS beliefs, but any Latter-day Saint that has read the Book of Mormon can see that is, indeed, a relief of Lehi's vision.

Ninth, recent discoveries in the translation of the glyphs of the 7th century AD Maya ruins of Palenque manifest the phrase "and then it came to pass" and "it had come to pass." Recently, another glyph has been interpreted as "and it shall come to pass.'"

Tenth, 90% of Book of Mormon era archaeology has been found in Mesoamerica, while only 1% has been found in the present-day continental United States.

I could go on, but this really has taken too much of my time already. Sorry.
Around 20:18, Ryan introduces the subject of DNA. Here is what FairMormon has to say in an article titled, "DNA and Haplogroup X2a ": "Question: Is DNA Haplogroup X2a proof that the Book of Mormon fits best in a geography located in the Great Lakes region?
It does not seem that haplogroup X can serve as good evidence of the Book of Mormon's antiquity. Some claim that the Book of Mormon fits best in a geography located around the Great Lakes, and that this is supported by a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) group called Haplogroup X2a.
While interesting, at present it does not seem that haplogroup X can serve as good evidence of the Book of Mormon's antiquity given the problems of dating and the failure of the model to come to grips with textual issues from the Book of Mormon. Doing so would require us to misrepresent the current state of scientific evidence."
""Some argue that X shows arrival of Lehi, etc. but this is too easy an explanation. The data seems to indicate it was from an ancient group 12,000 years ago, and Lehi's mtDNA has disappeared."[1]
A major difficulty with this speculation is the problem of dating
Haplogroup X, which is centered in Europe and the Levant is thought to have reached North America much earlier than the Lehi party, and to have brought the distinctive Clovis culture to the Americas (which dates from before 12,000 years ago)."
"The Newark Holy Stones refer to a set of artifacts allegedly discovered by David Wyrick in 1860 within a cluster of ancient Indian burial mounds near Newark, Ohio, now generally believed to be a hoax.[1] The set consists of the Keystone, a stone bowl, and the Decalogue with its sandstone box." "The Newark Holy Stones are an archaeological fraud used to support the "Lost Tribes" theory, which posits an ancient Israelite presence in Ohio.[10]...When comparing Wyrick's woodcuts of the Decalogue to the actual inscription found on the stone, Wyrick made at least 38 errors involving 256 Hebrew letters. Mistakes include illegible and omitted letters. Wyrick's depiction of Moses on the woodcuts had inconsistencies as well. Wyrick shows Moses wearing a beret instead of a turban. He also shows Moses in a 19th-century dress instead of the flowering robe shown on the stone....
Some believe that the person or group responsible for the inscription had to have an extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language.[1] Given that Wyrick made a large number of mistakes on the woodcuts seem to indicate that he may not have been the stone's author." Wikipedia, "Newark Holy Stones"
Your dates for the Hopewell and Adena Cultures are a bit off.
"The Hopewell tradition (also called the Hopewell culture) describes the common aspects of the Native American culture that flourished along rivers in the northeastern and midwestern United States from 100 BCE to 500 CE, in the Middle Woodland period." Wikipedia "Hopewell Tradition"
"The Adena culture was a Pre-Columbian Native American culture that existed from 1000 to 200 BC, in a time known as the Early Woodland period. " Wikipedia "Adena Culture"
At 12:18 Ryan mentions James Rendel Harris. I refer you to this: "The story has been repeated on many other videos and has made its way through a lot of faith-promoting Mormon material.

The only problem is, it's a flat-out lie.

In the first place James Rendel Harris was NOT an
Egyptologist. He was NOT attached to a London Museum. He was
an expert on New Testament documents and worked in

In the second place James Rendel Harris did NOT visit the
site. The site was excavated by university students working
under anthropology professors. Harris, who had a pet theory
about Egyptians reaching the U.S., saw a photograph in the New
York Times about one of the sites that were being excavated.
From looking at this photograph he decided that it looked kind
of like an Egyptian temple (fitting his pet theory, which is
outside his area of expertise).

So no Egyptologists declared it an Egyptian-style temple and
no Egyptologists visited the site. As usual a tangential bit
of information, hardly a blip on the scholarly landscape, is
massaged into impressive evidence by that time-honored device
of LYING.,1773491,1773519
And the Mesoamerica?

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