All Harvest Moon Spring Themes

All Harvest Moon Spring Themes

Happy Spring 2019 :)
I'd have to say almost all of them are good, I just kind of dislike The Lost Valley and Seeds of Memories but I guess that's because I'm a little biased to the actual creator which is Marvelous and Natsume's versions are terrible...
FoMT is the epic
HM BTN , HM Awl nice :')
Hmmm... Harvest moon... Harvest moon GB... Same soundtrack...
Why you not add Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon Light of Hope
I really love the Hero of Leaf Valley, and it's my first and last Harvest Moon game, since my PSP is broken, and I don't know how to use ppsspp in android, share ko lang
You picked the wrong one for HM:Save the Homeland. This one is the song used in the village during Spring. When you're on your farm, it's that one:
Friends of Mineral Town !! :)
AWL fucked me uuuup T.T
A wonderful life is my favorite
Harvest Moon Ds <3
Story of seasons <3
Love how you formatted the video! Please do the other seasons!
the original SNES spring theme will always stand out as my favorite, maybe that's nostalgia, maybe it's the SNES sound card, I'm not sure, it was my first Harvest Moon after all (back when it was the only Harvest Moon... I'm old). But it's so dang classic. Was also nice to hear it return in A Wonderful Life as a record.
HM BackToNature is the best one
Harvest moon fomt always in my heart ❤so miss to play it...
please make winter
HM - Back To Nature is always legend Now-Then-forever...

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