Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Agriculture Secretary on new ethanol rules: Good for America

Agriculture Secretary on new ethanol rules: Good for America

Wasn't that field picture, a picture of where a body was found?
All internal combustion engines can safely and economically use E15, regardless of age. This is proven by Brazil's decades long use of E15, E25, and now E27. They have the same engines as those available in the U.S.

In addition, E15 to E30 was used throughout Great Britain from the 1920's to the 1970's. This is also true of other countries such as France and Germany.

My 600+ page book "THE ETHANOL PAPERS" has just been published and it's free to read on website.
Fuel should not be made out of food products, My corn is to eat not in my tank. Just make it illegal to export our oil, so we use all that is. Made in USA!!
A "make work " program. Energy wise is is actually negative. It takes more fuel to make it than it produces (and it is crap to boot)
I pay up big time to keep that shit out of my gas tank.
Consumers have a choice.
If I read carburetor one more time...
Nope! Corn rapes the soil. There is plenty of dead dinos. Stop ruining the US topsoil. Knock, knock, knock, anybody listening.
Even FOX can't tell the truth. I'm gonna say it right now. China has been given our IP by our traitorous leaders, much more than what they've stolen. Actually, they've stolen only a fraction compared to what's been handed to them.
Ethanol is where i break ranks with Trump . Ethanol is bad for the ecology . Bad for most anything that you put it in . Let it sit and it turns into mud . Burns faster lowing mileage . But it's very good for fattening the wallets of a few farmers in Iowa . Not at all worth those few Votes .
Why does the corrupt epa get to stop the American peoples from living there lives , climate change garbage is fake ! Weather is weather happens every season it's baloney , trump needs to put a stop to this cause it hurts the economy and all Americans
No matter what is not an easy fix. I recommend using a good additive to protect your vehicle and your yard equipment.
Ethanol may be a clean fuel but growing corn for fuel is bad for the environment.
Bad policy, unless E15 is simply another choice like regular, plus and super.
Perdue is such a dumb-s, an imbecile would know ethanol program was a disaster from the get-go.
Farmers need to grow healthy food for Americans instead of GMO corn to use as a weapon against our engines. We import fast amounts of crops from other countries that should be grown here where we can monitor it's growth and keep it safer for our people. This should be considered a risk of national security. If we invested it ways of growing fruits and vegetables in pyramid greenhouses we would be able to have a huge impact on our health and reduce our medical costs and reduce our dependency on foreign food.If we are going to spend billions of dollars anyway then why not invest in a long term positive outcome for our nation??
SCAM ethanol takes more energy to produce than it delivers welfare for agribusiness at everone elses expense something useful would be cheap conversion to burn compressed natural gas much cheaper cleaner and more efficient
Bad move!... Ethanol is horrible for engines! We need to drill for and use American oil with 0% Ethanol in our gasoline. This will not end well for the American consumer that consistently opts for E-85. SMH!
Corn was made to eat
Now that farmers are paid to make Echols
Take 7 gal of water to make 1 gal of eac.
We could feed the poor country
Ethanol is a BS industry which uses way more energy to produce less energy. This is just a scam which gives farmers subsidies for corn production.

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