Clark Harris Womens Jersey  “Agriculture Is Key,” President Weah says, As He Launches “Pro Poor Rice” Distribution

“Agriculture Is Key,” President Weah says, As He Launches “Pro Poor Rice” Distribution

How much one bag huh
Is the Pro Poor rice for all Liberians or just government officials?
Mr. President job, but build our Agricultural facilities to process's rice within our own country, there should be no profit made out of the Liberian People, these guys are business they are not helping the Liberian people. God Blessed with wisdom in doing his will for the Liberian People's.
I appreciate your efforts,Mr.President,but the only problem I have is that the vast and empty land all around our country can be put to use instead of importing rice here.
I think the best thing to be done is to focus on agriculture in Liberia,and not out of Liberia.
Let us be able to use what we have to be able to boast of something,too.
Please invest in agriculture in Liberia.Let learn how to feed ourselves with our own agricultural products.

thanks again and again for all
Can this rice feed one county for one week?
God bless u president George weah for bringing our food to us
Thanks Mr president! I do appreciate all your actions for Liberia. You're a source of pride for Africa, keep on!
Thank Mr President may the lord bless u n give u long time to come so that u can do more for we re Liberian Mr President good well done for the people of Liberia u re welcome do ur best were u can do for the nation.
Liberia has a very good soild. She can make it by God's grace.
Bullshit. Grow your own rice, bitch.
Thank u mr president god bless you god will help u to do more for mama liberia in Jesus name amen.
Beautiful. Great job.
I had the impression that the rice was grown and processed in Liberia. What a waste of my time watching this. You can't buy rice from India, rebag it and make a big deal of it. You are just wasting our time.
Thanks Mr president,
I appreciate what u have done for us, may God continue to bless you.
Do what u think u can do for they Liberian people ,
Make us happy and we will make you happy too.
Love you Mr president .
It's a great steps but we have to take this to our own land.we have the land to produce more rice.Thanks to you all.
...hope this #pro poor distribution won't end up like the 25M mop up exercise!
Action speaks louder than words.
Unless Liberia advertise the country quickly and efficiently all the diaspora will be attracted to the neighbouring countries
Great job Mr. President.

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