“Agriculture Is Key,” President Weah says, As He Launches “Pro Poor Rice” Distribution

“Agriculture Is Key,” President Weah says, As He Launches “Pro Poor Rice” Distribution

It's a great steps but we have to take this to our own land.we have the land to produce more rice.Thanks to you all.
...hope this #pro poor distribution won't end up like the 25M mop up exercise!
Action speaks louder than words.
Unless Liberia advertise the country quickly and efficiently all the diaspora will be attracted to the neighbouring countries
Great job Mr. President.
Rice doesn't grow in Liberia? You need to know the best by farming...you need the Chinese to teach you a large skill farming...
Don't expect too much too soon. thanks Mr. president!!
It's Sounds good
10 dollars a bag???? Wow!!!
Thank u mr president
Thanks Mr. president
let the rice come from our soil. mr. president
Thanks if passed leaders had focused on food productions with the rich soil we have by now Liberia could supplying other nations world wide... Foreign governments invest billions of their dollars in agri.. because they like food and they support the productions

Thanks again..
Thanks so much Mr. President! You are focus & God bless u with more wisdom in Jesus name.
Great job

Food is our major problem in
Liberia, thanks Mr President
Great Job my President. Praying for our country success.

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