Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Agriculture in the Negev: Today's Desert Pioneers

Agriculture in the Negev: Today's Desert Pioneers

As a South African who understands harsh climatic conditions, I wonder if you have ever given thought to planting a plant called "Spekboom". It is likely of the "Portulaca" genus, which has prolific growth habits. It is used in our country in dry areas for suplementing fodder for sheep, cattle, goats and wild animals. Its fast growth habits could assist in creating "green belts" thus facilitating the process of transforming the desert into arible landscapes. *This plant has the ability to draw large quanties of CO 2 from the atmosphere, which is highly beneficial in counter-acting the process of climate change. Give it some thought. It's a very wise suggestion, not to be ignored.
vive palistine
Can Arabs do this?
Of all the things l admire the lsraelis for ,and there are many ! It's their dessert agriculture lm most immpressed by .P.S. I picked tomatoes at Nachal Sinai in 1973 (long story ) Rock n Roll . Love to you all from your friends in England .
Make the Israeli desert green.
Plant a million trees in the Israeli desert.
Israel ...small but out standing
Woww coral in the desert....wowww...amazing....we in indonesia strugle tu repair our coral damege in the sea....but they growing coral in the desert???? Wtf
These Hamas leaders living in Qatar should take note and try and encourage agriculture in Gaza instead of rocket science
Hate Israel from depths of heart...
i really hate israel of course not the people, but love to see how they people working, and transfer desert. really hard and innovative work. I love to do something like that
Most impressive - shows what dedication and resourcefulness can do.
You can disagree about Israeli politics against the Palestine, but managing to grow things in the desert is absolutely amazing! How inspiring!
THIS IS REALLY AMAZING, i have grown up thinking deserts are non productive places for agriculture, bt his video has changed my perception and would wish to improve my research and farming in the same field.
thank you so much for such an adventure away from Israel.
Arabian land and it will back to owners sure .
סרטון מושקע מאוד ונוגע בהרבה סוגי חקלאות בנגב. כבוד לישראל והחקלאייה. תודה
Free Palestine from illegal occupation of Zionist Israel. Zionist Israel is terrorist and apartheid regime.
.semoga keangkuhan dan kezaliman kerajaan Zionist Israel dan pendokongnya segera hancur. Aamiin
Very very best agricultural technology in isreal

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