Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Agriculture in the Negev: Today's Desert Pioneers

Agriculture in the Negev: Today's Desert Pioneers

Thanks for this video. but i heat israel
oh they forgot to say it's a palestenian land😡
An interesting documentary on desert utilization. Having lived in PhoenixAZ, and seeing farms in central Mexico, shows how working with such sun can be uniquely beneficial and profitable. Note: prawns not for human food, but their predator nature against the fresh-water snail was significant. Thanks for the video.
Most of the corals come from Kenya!!!!! Okay
9 malays disliked this video.
and there are their muslim neighbors flooded with oil money funding terrorism all over the world.
Love isreal from India..
Isreal is really inspiring
Wah! Jewish brains are great no wonder they made nuclear bombs in Los Alamos ( Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller among others) I wanna marry a Jew..
What a propaganda
Awesome!! Thanks for this video.
excellent. i am just curious about locust that occurs in arabian peninsula.
actually, locust is a problem for both africa and asia, but those places are so vulnerable due to the wind routes.
This is Amazing ... Making the Desert Bloom ... How inspiring
Why don’t you show us how these ‘victims’ treat the people who’s lands they stole? No amount of propaganda can change these facts
big like
its palestine not israel fuck you the hell
Why don't the Palestinian do as the Israelis are doing? Reasons? Brains?
It is very impressive. I also want to go to Negev!!

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