Guys make sure to click the bell! On Sunday i have the craziest and best explore yet! Honestly im so excited to release it 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
What is Steve's Channel?
What a awesome view!! I'm not going up there lmao!! You guys got some balls man! 💜✌😂
Ive been there so cool
all your explores are good nothing in australia like this to explore
Another abandoned place....🙄what a waste!!!!
Chains are for tanks, can't have them rolling about
Watching your videos is making me want to go exploring! haha!
I live in the UK so all these are acessiable to me. It's so tempting, I bet it's amazing going into these places!
Did the place have a helicopter landing pad?. If so its a first response for downed UFOs
You guys need to learn how to equalize your sound on your videos. I am constantly having to adjust the sound up and down.
Recently a new subscriber your doing a great job with the explores so much is left to rot that we should know about
You should be more concerned about breathing in all that bird shite rather than scaring them. It can be toxic. Wear a face mask.
Anyone else’s Siri go off when Bucky said ‘ it’s safe ‘ ?
Keep your voices down in that echo chamber if you don't want to disturb the birds!!!! The fact that they are fluttering around means they are disturbed!
Dan...you have such a kind soul...not wanting to upset the birds and offering to teach Steve how to swim. You also have a brave heart. Another great video 😊
Hey cool video. Sorry but I had to laugh when u got pricked by the yellow spiky bushes. When I was a kid I found a big bag of pennies under one. Also did u notice they smell a little bit like coconuts. I started calling them coconut bushes
Thats an interesting point about the chains by the oxygen unit. Your informative and interesting overview of this facility while a convincing story is, unfortunately just that. As with many things these days it was a cover or a "front" for the real activity at this site which was classified as "beyond black". Operated by corporations who followed the same agenda & came together under the same Umbrella, with no governmental ties or accountability, and funded by the trade in "Dark Meat" obtained from "the harvest". ln 1938 Japans UNIT 731 was considered to be a covert biological and chemical warfare R&D center by the west, and while it was just that it was also so much more. The Unit followed an old Japanese tradition only followed by select individuals chosen at birth & after some decisive testing. For those who survived, a nutrient acquired from the harvest was fed to them. In 1940 a new team arrived at Unit 731, this team had begun researching Prions & needed test subjects, Unit 731 was ideal to serve their needs. Prions had been discovered to have a strange affect on certain body cells when exposed to a low oxygen environment, such as the DUMB occupied by UNIT 731. The years after WW2 saw a lot of changes. We now had German Scientists living & working in the US, who were brought over under Project Paper Clip, now focused on back engineering the recovered craft from the Black Forest as well as all the ones around New Mexico and a few others a bit later. Meanwhile Prion research had taken a strange turn, a turn toward regeneration of damaged & dying cells. Back in the USA Project Sentinel was in final testing of what we now call today The Tactical Recon Three Bravo. Early versions had extreme issues with gravity field containment and in some breaches crew would become embedded in the structure of the craft with arms and legs sticking through walls in the same way as happened in the Philadelphia Experiment on the Eldridge back in 43. Despite this the craft continued to be used as procurement vessels for Prion research test subjects GLOBALLY! During such missions some craft would experience surges in the outer containment field causing it to become out of phase and the whole thing would be sucked into the core of the machine causing an effect like an energetic implosion, which has the opposite effect of an explosion causing a negative pressure wave of which the sound comes from the air but the vibration is felt as if it is coming from under the ground. After the Falklands conflict and the retrieval of the Black Goo back to the UK it was suggested by elements of UNIT 731 that their test subjects be brought to the UK for experimentation with Black Goo samples. That Tower you were in housed a small centrifuge use to stabilize the goo and to keep it inactive. Once the goo was exposed to Prions it somehow reversed the way Prions reacted, they now reacted to High Oxygen environments. It is believed that the rooms with oxygen units were where the test subjects were held briefly while they breathed a higher than normal dose of oxygen then they would be exercised till their performance went back down to that of a normal person to establish stamina metabolism and so on. Trouble was they had no source of the nutrient feed so they gave them meat from subjects that had failed testing, this seemed to trigger something in them, a craving for more, they would become aggressive over this feed and had to be kept apart. In some cases they were witnessed, well consuming each other.
That's Anglesey
👍👍👍amazing great video 👍👍👍

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