A Year on a Saskatchewan Farm - Jason LeBlanc Farm

A Year on a Saskatchewan Farm - Jason LeBlanc Farm

This is a temporary soundtrack as I had to change the soundtrack. I apologize that it is not as good as the orginal soundtrack, which was timed to precise drumbeats. Shortly after Thunderstruck appeared in the opening of the new Magnum PI on TV, it was taken down on all videos on YouTube that used it, as far as I could find, including this one. So I had to change the music. It's not totally resolved yet. Having difficult putting multiple tracks on. If anyone knows how to use multiple tracks from the YouTube library, please let me know.
Ok Brian Zinchuk
I subscribed your video because I love your videos
I love playing farming simulator 15
Might have been good with sound.
Where is the music
Bring the old music back
Awesome farm let know if you ever looking for workers lol
Any reason the audio stops at 1:20 now? I've tried it on my iPad, phone and computer and all that great music is now gone.
Speechless.....such and amazing edit.
were they auctioning
there vechicles at the end?
love the case ih wish we where that big
we were in Roblin this year in April, May. It was not so green yet full of sunshine. See you again next year.
Clearing snow with a quatrac must be so cool
love it Jason, absolutely wonderful to see. I worked with the Coutts, Marengo in 1981 and 1985. ...great friends to this day. ...love Saskatchewan. I will return.
Like the song
Nice farming operation I wish I could afford one like yours
Не погані урожаї. Як у нас на Україні. Молодці.
Metallica 🤘
Great video, great music!

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