A Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm

A Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm

Fyi just in case u don't know it but more light chicken lay better.
How big is this property. It’s beautiful
You are good people.
Best life really
Grass eaters hate your gutts😂😂😂
What these hobby farms never talk about is $$$$. You will never see one of these hobby farms show a tax return or talk numbers . Because they dont want to tell you that these little so called "farms" do not make money. These hobby farms cost you money so you are then able to pretend to be a farmer. Sad but true.
Shouldnt put all your eggs in one basket 😆
Nice farm
Why would they separate the chicks from their mothers
all you need now is bees
Really appreciate this video... thank you!
I love the idea of this, and have thought about starting something in a similar way on a very small scale. The only issue I have is the ethical dilemma of raising animals purely for the purpose of food. I feel like I would bond with the animal and then not be able to part ways when the time came. Thoughts?
Stupid video killing the animals
i envy them
Just popping in checking videos I'm starting a channel about hobby farming and just country fun. Great video :)
please what do you feed for layers?
Love the video. All your animals look happy too. This is my dream and I hope I can get my soon to be wife in on this dream with me!! Keep up the good work!
What type of grass
you learned about your food , now you need to learn what your animals are eating.. if you feed GMO then your food isnt healthy for you or your animals.
After college I plan on purchasing land whenever I can, my dream is to work at home and run a small farm

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