A Sharecropper's Voice

A Sharecropper's Voice

Omg, I'm crying for this man...this is real and so very sad.
This just pisses me the fk off, there's absolutely no forgiven in my heart, especially for a people who never apologized. Devils!!!!!!
God bless you! As a young woman I Tip my hat off to you. Your a True Survivor❤❤❤❤
We can't hardly hear your conversation! Turn it up!
You are not crying alone Mr. McNeal, then they wonder way we call them devils. Much respect Sir.
So sorry. Life had been so cruel. May god bless you
Dont this make you appreciate all the free stuff you get for doing nothing.
Omg, this man has seen many years of hate from white people! And they refuse to take responsibility for their evil ways, even today!
White babies where nurses by their babysitter? Lazy ass white women!
They gone pay! It's coming soon, and payback's a bitch!
I am crying with him. My family was also sharecroppers in the South in the 40's until the early 60s. I get angry when I think of how we were cheated and denied our "human rights"
My Grandfather and Great Grandfather had no option but to do it. It was slavery by another name. Black people don't owe this country anything. We are owed a great debt. My Mother, Sisters and Brother ran from the South as soon as they could. I was born in the South and in poverty. Birthed by a mid-wife because tge hospital wouldnt accept black people. White people havs done a great evil and must pay ths debt of enslaving others. Shall not the judge of all the earth avenge evil?
White racism! Urrggg
We see wat slavery really was not wat portrayed. We rebelled againstthe farmers that took our ancestors land cuz we could read or write well it was forbidden 🚫 and they the farmers land owners linked together put money in a pot and paid police to do so Incase of another rebel and made machines with other pot money and let us loose on the land we been on before pilgrims were here very sad 😢 made me as another man with same roots cry 😭
This right here brought tears to my eyes . My God . 💖💖💖
Thank you Mr.McNeal
God bless this poor man.God bless him.His life &His mamma &daddy life should have been better.we all need to help our brothers and sisters.
These people are absolutely amazing, these horrible living conditions were meant to break these people, however, Black people are still standing tall, strong, undefeatable! Unbelievable! I think we'll just 'keep on pushing' as the Impressions said!
It takes alot for a grown man to cry! Lord Jesus Help him

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