A Sharecropper's Voice

A Sharecropper's Voice

Look at the hard times our people had and we hateing and killing each other has to stop man
This is a handsome man and he certainly does not look his age.
We should be teaching our children in U.S schools about people like him. Everyone else in good and all. I’m an avid history buff but these people shouldn’t be taught about just as much as a George Washington or a JFK. They made this Country with their bare hands and barley clothes on their backs.
Bless his Heart he's A Strong Black man to Have Went through All those Hard Times I Cry with you My folks Worked Hard Too Making hardly Nothing a Week It was 11 of us Children you know We Had to Survive on Whatever We Could. God seen you and my Family Through. Blessings Mr. Odell
omg this breaks my heart
I love my black family my people
God! Just saying that you can’t help but hate white people!
When God comes back to judge, those people who made people like these lives on earth a living nightmare shall pay for what they did. Those who are making it hard for black people and people of color today are gping to pay, if they don't repent and be washed of their evil sins. No, they have not and will not get away.
He loved his Mamma.
Our people have gone through so much to get to where they are today. I never take it for granted for what I am allowed to do in todays world. It is because of my mother and father and my ancestors who pave the way for me. I can never stop thanking them. Amen amen and Amen.
Immigrants are told slavery was over in 1865, along with hiss story books but overlooks the aftermath of share cropping.
Tough to watch!! Living in the south I here so many stories like this.. To think sharecropping is taught in school as a "step up" for black people..Teach your children..
so so precious!
Omg, I'm crying for this man...this is real and so very sad.
This just pisses me the fk off, there's absolutely no forgiven in my heart, especially for a people who never apologized. Devils!!!!!!
God bless you! As a young woman I Tip my hat off to you. Your a True Survivor❤❤❤❤
We can't hardly hear your conversation! Turn it up!
You are not crying alone Mr. McNeal, then they wonder way we call them devils. Much respect Sir.
So sorry. Life had been so cruel. May god bless you
Dont this make you appreciate all the free stuff you get for doing nothing.

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