A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms {CAFO's}

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms {CAFO's}

This is such important work! Thank you for creating this documentary! I am a professor and will be showing this every semester. Extremely important information!
The Mega Farms each produced as much waste as a small city! But lagoons only minimally treat the Waste!! These farms routinely had "spills" on weekends and holidays when they thought no one would be looking. The DEQ colluded with Lobbyists and the Farm Bureau to repeatedly turn a blind eye.. The DEQ Managers who helped these Farms get away with poisoning our streams and Lakes were promoted and repeatedly received raise$.
Employees who actually tried to protect the Environment such as me were harassed and even had their careers trashed by these traitors!!
Absolutely disgusting that is why the world needs to go vegan especially for the animals. The cruelty and the violence that is involved in eating animal flesh is absolutely unacceptable.
Hugely IMPORTANT information! Well done! Thank you so much for your efforts. Hard to understand why there are not more views, especially since this documentary has been up & available for over a year!. We are all in big trouble. LORD help us all.
River of waste? Nope it’s a river of gold. We use chicken waste as fertilizer on our farm. Farmer down the road also uses waste from a dairy farm to fertilize his cotton and corn fields. We call them shit spreaders and boy do they stink but work. China, Japan, and a few other countries even use treated human waste.

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