A Day In The Life Of An Organic Farmer - From OMSCo

A Day In The Life Of An Organic Farmer - From OMSCo

Organic tastes better to.
Can tell the organic is working too! Man looks healthy
This must be what heaven looks like.
Congratulation. You are doing a blessed work!!
Hi what is the ratio of cows per hectar
Dear dairy farmer, kudos to you, organic milk/beef production is less bad. But less bad it does not mean it is good. You still kill all your cows in the end... they are are all exploited and.. tell me, how can you separate mother/babies? Really, how can you do that? I'm not doubting you know them by their names and that somehow you truly believe you care for them... but you do not. Raising human kids in a nice way and with "love" to sell for consumption would be ok? Cows suffer too, all the animals, they deserve respect. You can shift yourorganic dairy/beef production towards a much nicer alternative, organic vegetables. Better for the animals, better for us and for the environment. Anyway, nice to see these cows althought still nothing but slaves, are somehow well cared for between their chores and abuse.
Which country are you from
I am a follower
While I commend you for not slaughtering the male baby calves, because no baby of any animal species should be killed, I heard that you do send baby lambs off to slaughter. It's in humane to send off any babies to slaughter after being ripped from their mothers.
So the male calves that are born there, at 2 and a half years old they are shot in the head?
How can you tell which cow is Pat? ha ha....😀 seriously. love this milk and tastes superior of course!
Very nice farm :) Congratulations!
if i ever buy cheese and milk , i want it from this type of farm.
you are amazing
God bless you! Why can't everyone farm organic? The Cows are so happy. I feel so sad when farm animals are treated badly. Thanks for taking care of those Cows!
if he wake up in the morning and work until 7 pm, then he have no time to do anything only farming! I can't believe it! he can't hike, he can't play sports, he can't marry, he can't have fun! wtf?
Baby calf growth fluid straight from a cows boobies sounds ORGANIC
Eat cheese and drink milk it's NOT necessary. It's better organic that intensive farming. But It's better of everything go vegan.  Vegan don't rape cows every 9 months and  take baby's cows' milk.  Where does baby male go?
Organic is the way forward.

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