8 Baby Guinea Pigs 1 Week Old Part 3

8 Baby Guinea Pigs 1 Week Old Part 3

Birth of guinea pigs are great to see. Please record a footage on guinea pig birth.
sweet :)
That's so cute
@lovetownmusicuk Oh I see. Then I understand, thanks for the reply.
aw how old r they
@AchilleyKing All the babies were with their mothers, the fathers don't live with us, then it is best to separate the boys from the girls at 3 weeks
@timbojones23 since it's rather common for males in nature to attack the small ones (especially if they aren't his own), would it really be safe to place them with the father? And if you place the boys there, wouldn't he see them as rivals of some sort? (curious)
Must be a lot of chocolate chips to pick up if you know what I mean
they sound so FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
They sure have alot to say!!
@timbojones23 ohh ok, i bought 3 girls from a pet shop and all 3 of them are pregnant, i want them to have there babies on the same day
are they all from the same mother?? if so woooooow
Ha ha, no, 4 from one mum and 4 from another, they gave birth within hours of each other, they are all grown up now!!
Oh, all that squeaking in the background is adorable!

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