7 Trucks (490 Cows) Rescued by Police in Bulandshehar...(PART-2)

7 Trucks (490 Cows) Rescued by Police in Bulandshehar...(PART-2)

Jise rashtramata kaha jata hai uska itna bura haal h bas rajneeti k liye istemaal karo aur votes lo
Sharm aati hai aise Hindustan pe
If u don't mind guys...
Har ek cow 🐄 tumhra maa chalo maan liye but ye batao tum apna maa ka milk 🐮 ka business q karte ho agar all cow tumhra maa hai to apne maa ko aise halat m bazar m nali nala m q ghumne dete ho idhar udhar vai koi mind maat krna Jo sach h wahi bole or ha agr isko maa mante ho to phir beaf meet band karwa do or iski hifajat karna sikho safety krna sikho or ha apna maa ka milk 🐮 business band kro Mai tumlogo ka sath hu 🤔🤔🤔
Chutiyo jahel bhakto Bakri ko bhi maa banalo illiterate persons 12%se he tumhari bahen chudwale
Are a Kay kardiya Bhai a tou gou mata hai
How many cows can you save?
There are so many vagabond or Nomadic cows killing people on roads, destroying poor peoples livelihood. What is being done about this nuisance. These so called babas or religious leader don’t know ask those poor people whose lively hood is destroyed by these wanderers.
I understand cows helped India in the past and there are hybrid cows like jersey cows for milk, but why the same very family raised a cow for milk and let it go as it got old? Where is that BS of cow Mata?
Bahot dook Bari baat haa
Zara indian train ki general bogey me jaa kar dekho wahan saans aati hai kya
In Kerala...I see everyday people cut and eat cow meat....here there are many non believers who belong to cpm and cpi left party...as well as congress party
These people worship cow more than their Mom and Dad... They should know that these cows aare animals just like chicken, pork, etc etc... They are not God... If they were God why there are so many poor people dying of hunger and poverty, why rape, murder, etc etc... If cow are Gods then there are more than billions of Gods in India .. The fact is that cows are created by God so that we can eat their meat and stay healthy ..
Apne bachoo ko kyo nahi khate sale kute..
gay khanebalo tuhmrakhernahni
Yek yek karke sab ksai ko kat do madar chod ko..sala hindu me yekta nhi hai nhi to
Janwaro ky sat yi kud janwar ban gayi hy
Mardo yar
अपने बच्चों को काट कर क्यों नहीं खाते ये हिनसक दुपहिये जानवर ये असे नहीं मानेंगे इन राक्षसों को देखते ही गोली मारो कानून कोर्ट कुछ नहीं
bc suvar ka bacha hai ya jo go mata ki asa kre reaha hai

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